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All the exercises in the Science of Being Teachings are arranged systematically and progressively, and are designed in such a way as to gradually develop all your latent qualities and powers, making them stronger and more productive, every day. They are originally found in, and profoundly understood while studying the teachings in the Science of Being in 27 Lessons. They date back to the earliest archives of the Science of Being Teachings, as early as the turn of the century--1900s; they were the first of their kind, publicly recorded. These profound Exercises were to be an Inspiration for many of the like, to be created in the years to follow.


These Exercises cover practices that are designed for the development of oneself on the Three Planes of Existence-- the Physical, the Mental, and the Spiritual. These exercises are also of a sort that everyone, of all ages and in different stages of development, can easily perform. Even children can do some of the fundamental exercises and obtain optimal, constructive results. The exercises most adaptable to children are specifically pointed out on the Children's Exercise Page. It is advisable, in fact quite important, that these exercises be performed under the most favorable conditions, which are the following:

  • Choose a certain time of the day, preferably in the morning immediately upon getting up, or the last thing before going to sleep. The morning is better, as one’s forces are fresh after a night’s rest.

  • If possible (but not strictly necessary), perform the exercises at a consistent hour.

  • Wear light natural clothing that hangs free from the body.

  • Be comfortable. Try to be by yourself, with nobody in your immediate vicinity, in order that other people’s mental vibrations may not interfere with your practices.

Meditate with Buddha at our Sacred Pond.

Follow the arrows for the natural progression of these Exercises.

Combination Lock Safe
Beach at Sunset
Japanese Interior
Fall Tokens
Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass
Liquid Drop
Ancient Containers
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Fireworks Shows
White Plants

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