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Visualization Exercise

#6 Mental Plane Group

The regular performance morning and evening of the Star Exercise, Relaxation, and Silence together with the continual Contact with Universal Life Energy and Concentration, will comprise the basic preparatory activity which will be poured into the channel of the Exercise known as VISUALIZATION.

VISUALIZATION is the process of so emphasizing the particular object of your concentrated thought that it glows richly out into a convincing semblance of reality upon your mental vision. From a transparent and ghostly outline, it must condense into a clear, full image, distinct in every detail, and warm with a lustrous fund of abundant life, which burns it into your Consciousness like a thing of fire.


Proceed as follows for the VISUALIZATION EXERCISE:

After concentrating your Mind upon the particular object or design which you wish to realize, try to construct it in your thought so that you actually see it with your mental eye. Bring it into focus so clearly that it becomes distinct and vivid in every detail. Etch it out on your Consciousness with such precision that you could describe it in all its particulars. You must perceive it mentally with as exactitude no less striking than that which characterizes a tree seen in winter against the pale disc of the moon. Each twig stands out stark and black across the white field which illumines it, asserting its peculiar identity just as each item of your concept must assert its own on the shimmering screen of your Conscious Self. This singular clarity of mental vision, in which the individual parts stand out boldly without detracting from the harmonious strength of the whole, it absolutely is essential for proper VISUALIZATION.

The Universal Life Energy poured into this work will not only wash into vivid relief your mental concepts, but it will also help you to perform a further function in that connection. You must make this concept live. See it in its brightest and strongest colors, not as perhaps it would be in reality, but as it could be. Court extremes in your imaginative process and invest that inner image with an abounding vitality that bursts from every feature in a warmly diffused radiance, like light from a burning ember. Then you will be ready to start it on the next step of its journey into material realization with every assurance of complete success.

In VISUALIZATION there is no limitation to objects merely of a visible, tangible nature. The abstract details of a mental work, such as the policy of a business organization or the plot of a story to be written, are just as subject to that process as is the concept of a marble statue in the mind of a sculptor. His goal is the same, although the materials he works with are of a more solid nature. With hand and chisel he has to reproduce in clay and rock the image in his fancy. With words and ink the businessman has to mold events to the shape he perceives as desirable. In both the single aim is Expression, and though the materials each works with are different, the process of modifying them is essentially the same.

Those whose tasks lie in the Realm of Thought are really less limited than those whose vocations confine them to physical mediums of expression. In Mind there is infinite variety, unfettered by rarity or price, bounded only by the elastic borders of Imagination. Ideas do not have to be crammed within the confines of the material scale but cover the whole unexplored area of Mental as well as Physical Fields. They are the most plastic and subtle of all the clays from which Mind fashions its ends, instant to change and adapt themselves to the infinity of combinations that need may demand or ingenuity suggest.

Universal Life Energy, all-pervading and omnipotent, will snatch from the unfathomed depths of Universal Consciousness the mental materials you may require just as effectively as It will attract on the Physical Plane the elements for the realization of desires. Being an intelligent as well as an energetic Power, It will not only invigorate you in the act of transmuting thoughts into fact, but It will reveal to you the best way to perform that work. Through Universal Life Energy you will erect a structure of achievement not only imposing in bulk, but nicely coordinated and joined in harmonious proportions that ensure its permanence no less than they enhance its loveliness. The precious and desirable qualities of all things emerge into so pronounced expression at the impulse of this Power that the more you use It in your daily activities the more impressively will be borne upon you the recognition of Its priceless worth.

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