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Manifestation Exercise

Exercise #3 - Spiritual Plane Group

Practice the Star Exercise morning and evening, with Relaxation, Silence, and the continual Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy.


Then proceed with MANIFESTATION, in the following way:

As soon as you have established a strong and harmonious flow of Life Force by means of Relaxation, Silence, and the Mental Contact concentrate your Mind on your own Soul. Look within the heavy human crust and perceive that Source of your mortal Being in the full glory of its perfect qualities. See it as the Avenue through which the Great Principle pours Its Limitless Powers and Forces to you for expression. Try to understand the boundless resources of Strength it brings to you to be used on every Plane, realize the measureless scope of Universal Forces which it focuses on you to be translated through your activities into actual manifestation, penetrate the deceptive shell of your Personality and discern within it the pure Essence of your own Soul. Then be happy in the knowledge that you have found your Individuality and that you can rely confidently on its abundant and invincible strength.

Having found your Individuality, the next step is to project its distinctive qualities into expression in your life. The World is the problem you have to meet with the tools that your Individuality supplies; therefore, turn your gaze outward upon that World and study it no less carefully than you did your Inner Self. Feel your unity with it, your identity as an integral part of it, and be willing to contribute your best to it. Let your sympathy with it be genuine and helpful, enabling you to perceive and understand faults without condoning them, and not merely a sentimental pose which prompts you to look only for good and be blind to the evil. Both positive and negative comprise the environment into which you are to project yourself, and your object is to acquire a distinct comprehension of the situation you have to face in order that you may handle it intelligently and with the greatest practical results.

Once the two sides of the equation are clear in your Mind—your Soul with its qualities drawn up against the conditions it must meet in putting those qualities into expression—your task is to establish a working connection between the two. Give unreservedly of Yourself, feel the Life Force flushing through every channel of your Being to pour from you to that which is outside of you. Know that your Soul qualities respond and stir to the surge of that Current, melting and fusing to radiate harmoniously from you in a pulsing tide of constructive energy. Let the Stream of Life Force draw your Soul with it into its own act of expression, carrying the real YOU out through the skin of your Personality into direct contact with the World itself. Thus, gradually your Individuality will glow warmly forth, its fire deepening as the latent qualities of your Soul break ever more richly and strongly into manifestation.

Mind alone, with its human tool of Will Power, is not sufficient to push your Soul’s Individuality into expression. Mental powers, however compelling they may be in their own or in the physical domain, have no influence on the Spiritual Plane by whose sufferance alone all else exists. A greater Power, One which pervades all Planes equally and unites them through Its own Force of Attraction, is required. That Power, flooding into your Soul, your Mind, your Body, carrying the qualities stored in the first into ultimate manifestation through the last, is the very Universal Life Energy you have been taught to use.

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