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Baron Eugene Fersen

Baron Eugene Fersen was the eldest son of a Grand Duchess of Russia/Poland, known as Marie Olga Alexandrovna Medem of the Royal House of Medem and DeLacy—two of the oldest and most prominent of all bloodlines in the history of royalty— reaching back thousands of years. His mother knew before his birth that he was to be a guiding light for the people of this World; she called him Svetozar, meaning The Lightbearer, which he began penning publicly when he volunteered in the Russian Red Cross during the war. The Baron’s mother saw to it that her son had the proper teachers and education that would assist and support the Absolute Eternal Aspects of his Soul so as to fulfill his divine destiny.

Baron Eugene was a direct descendant of Count Axel Fersen on his father’s side and on his mother’s, William The Conqueror. Eugene’s uncle was Count Leo Tolstoy, the writer famously known for his renowned literary works War and Peace and Anna Karenina. Tolstoy was one of Gandhi’s greatest influences and personal friend. 

Eugene’s Mother: The Grand Duchess

Eugene’s Mother: The Grand Duchess

Baron Eugene came to the United States for his second lecture tour in 1904 to share his already popularized teachings and lessons known as The Science Of Being. From 1906 through 1921, Baron Eugene was investigated by the U.S. Government’s Justice Department as a possible radical. He was teaching what the U.S. Government termed as ‘radical religious thinking.’ This investigation accelerated during World War I, 1914-1918. In late September of 1921, the United States Government closed its investigation. By early 1923, the U.S. Government allowed Baron Eugene to become an American Citizen and granted him free reign to publish through the American Press, his already well-studied teachings.

Before Baron Eugene was sworn in as an American, the presiding judge cautioned him, that once he took the oath to become an American Citizen, he would no longer be able to take the Polish Royal Throne he was to inherit. Henceforth, Baron Eugene was known as Eugene Fersen to the American public, as Teacher and Author. Eugene knew his divine purpose and mission was not to reign over Humankind from a throne but to assume a modest seat of service for the spiritual progress of all Humanity.

The Science Of Being teachings have been honored with the title, "The most powerful knowledge ever put in the written form for the public with regard to the scientific spiritual advancement and Liberation for Humankind.

Eugene Fersen was importantly associated with the world’s most eminent teachers, scientists, and philosophers of our time. Some of his most profound personal teachers were from the lineage of the Great Magi and the Remembers of the Pre-Atlantean Era. Eugene Fersen—The Teacher of The Teachers—launched in his time the greatest Human Potential Movement’ that would later become the inspiration for what he called, and is known for as, ‘The New Age.’


The Desk & Chair of Baron Eugene Fersen

Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum

From the late 1800s, Eugene’s teachings taught or influenced many of the great historical teachers: Gandhi and his Uncle Tolstoy, Charles Haanel (The Master Key System), Dr. Hotema, Elizabeth Towne (Publisher of Nautilus Magazine), Wallace D. Wattles (The Science Of Getting Rich and The Science Of Being Well), Edgar Cayce, Annie Besant (Translator of the Bhagavad Gita, Theosophist, and Leader of Woman’s Rights), Margaret Sanger (founded Planned Parenthood's mission), Huna Max Freedom Long (wise-teacher and healer of the Huna ways and teacher to the founders of the Course In Miracles Helen Schucman & William Thetford), Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Wayne W. Dyer, Charles Fillmore (Founder of The Unity Church), Samuel Clemens (author of Mark Twain), William Walker Atkinson (one of the three Initiates of the Kybalion), Nikola Tesla, Manly P. Hall, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Adrian Cooper, (Author or Our Ultimate Reality.), Tania Kotsos (Author of Adventures of I.), and Dr. Sharron Stroud (World Ambassador of Peace.), Rudolph Steiner himself was touched by Eugene’s teachings and had him as a guest speaker/teacher in the Steiner Schools. If we were to list all those influenced by these teachings this list would be vast, and Eternal. Eugene's exceptional and unsurpassed teachings continue to optimally influence the true seekers, seers, and visionaries of today.  

“The Teacher” ©

Baron Eugene Fersen in Uniform

Wearing a Svetezar White Coat

Eugene Fersen taught anyone who had a genuine interest in the Science Of Being, the Truth, and the path to spiritual and human liberation. At the time of his parting into the Great Beyond in 1956, he had personally instructed well over 20,000 students and at that time more than 100,000 people worldwide had read or been exposed to the teachings of the Science Of Being. These teachings today are regarded as some of the most inspiring literary works in the study and education of Quantum Science, Spiritual Science, Human Enlightenment and the study of the Soul.

Eugene came to share with us the Truth of these wisdoms with the hope that Humankind would free themselves from the myths that held them hostage and bound them to an un-liberated existence here on Earth. He shared that there are still vast amounts of profound wisdoms that remain veiled from Humankind because the un-liberated subconscious mind had become resistant to comprehending those truths. Eugene knew and had faith that as humans enlightened their bodies and minds and raised their Spiritual Vibrations as they lived in the physical world, more would be revealed to them.

Eugene Fersen, ‘The Teacher of the Teachers’ gave to the world with an open heart, mind, and spirit these profound truths, his life’s purpose, and his Seat-of-Power and Privilege. He believed deeply that all of Humankind regardless of race, class, creed, gender or difference should have access to these great wisdoms that were once only privy to the rich and powerful. He acquired, as he lived, the manna all alchemists are looking for, the peak of spiritual attainment. In that state is where one’s body, mind and spirit reach Its highest vibrational aspect of spiritual evolution while living in physical form; where one’s Spirit becomes One with Its pure Soul.

Eugene Fersen’s life purpose was to assist Humanity to complete their task to awaken, to the All-knowing latent scintillating star that resides within each of their Absolute Eternal Souls.

Portrait of "The Teacher",
Named Baron Eugene Fersen

Written by L. Anciaux

The Teacher
Named Baron Eugene Fersen

Seated on the platform between the CLB (Chief Lightbearer) and the organizing secretary for the Montreal Lightbearers was THE LIGHTBEARER, Eugene Fersen, a man of arresting personality, a trifle above the average height with a carriage, chest expansion and poise of manner which might well be the envy of others half his age. A man who has come to mean, to those who know and love him, a stimulus and an inspiration which mere words cannot express. For sheer courage and tenacity of purpose in the face of overwhelming obstacles he has no equal, and with all the love toward his fellows is mingled a penetrating shrewdness of judgment which forms a perfect balance.

His words have the power to strike within us the lost chord of Truth and surely in his lecture tonight they produced an extraordinary effect, an effect which I am certain will still persist in others who in years to come shall read this and other accounts with understanding eyes, for it will take its place with the immortal literature of all time.

He began with his usual, “Greetings Everybody” and gave what the early Christians called “Blessings,” and which we now call “Vibrations.” Slowly, very slowly this time he extended his arms and covered us in slow circles, like some master musician bringing to a grand rhythm the instruments under his baton, and indeed we could momently feel the surge of that POWER which we know as UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY, as it flowed through us producing a state of harmony and peace which has to be experienced to be understood.

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