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Exercise #3 - Physical Plane Group

Mental Contact Exercise

Relax as completely as you can, seated in a chair or a place where you can relax as completely as possible. Turn your palms up towards the sky. Feel yourself relaxing completely--physically, mentally, and emotionally. Enter into silence as you were guided to in the Relaxation and Silence Exercise. When you feel harmony within you as a result of that relaxation and silence, then say to yourself in a low, sincere voice the following words:


Thus, you open the mental door which separates the life force within you from the Life Energy without. The life force within, because of its inherent quality of attraction, contacts the Force from without, which begins to pour into your Life Center with an ever~increasing power and there it is transformed into life currents and distributed throughout the body.

The above mentioned formula to establish the contact with Life Energy of the Universe is of three distinct constituent parts, vibrating to the three planes, the Body (Physical Plane), The Mind (Mental Plane), and the Soul (Spiritual Plane). Considered singly, the three touch their respective notes in the one chord as follows:

“I AM ONE WITH UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY” is an Eternal Verity. Its audible statement awakens within your Soul the realization of the eternal fact of your actual unity on the Soul Plane with Universal Life Energy. Thus, the Soul is stimulated to assert that union.

“IT IS FLOWING THROUGH ME NOW” represents the opening of the mental gates. You are a law unto yourself on the Mental Plane. To become conscious of something mentally means to give life to it, to make it real, whereas things of which you are unconscious are as if non-existent for you. Becoming conscious that Life Energy is flowing through you right now according to mental laws, make it so. And as your Soul has been awakened by the first statement, it will support with all its awakened power this second mental statement.

“I FEEL IT,” are the closing words. This refers directly to your body. It makes you not only know, but actually feel, the fact of the contact and that which you feel becomes very real to you.  When making the last statement, “I FEEL IT,” you must not try to imagine or persuade yourself that you feel Universal Life Energy flowing through you. On the contrary, you must be as analytical as possible, though not skeptical. You must take the attitude of an individual who, for instance, tries to hear far away sounds or see a distant object. One strains their senses, sharpens them in order to perceive otherwise imperceptible impressions. Similarly, when making the mental contact you must make your sense of feeling very acute in order to perceive the inflow into your body of Life Energy.

In practicing that Mental Contact Exercise, you must be careful how you do it. Whenever you make those statements remember two cardinal points, namely:

First-- when repeating those words, you must try to realize mentally as strongly and clearly as you can their actual meaning. The more you can make it real to yourself, the better it will work.

Second-- you must consistently avoid all merely automatic affirmations. You must not try to suggest to yourself the words you are repeating, but you must actually realize them as based on genuine facts. It is this realization of the meaning behind the words that is alone of value, and not the mere unthinking repetition of the words themselves. Both affirmation and suggestion only numb the individual without producing the desired results. Suggestion and affirmation usually mean something superimposed, something painted on, while scientific statements of Fundamental Truths, thoroughly understood, develop in you that which you already possess.

Like everything else, this is a matter of training. The more you will train your body in that direction the more you will actually feel the Life Currents entering it. If in the beginning you do not feel the flow of Life Energy through your body, do not be discouraged. The proof that it has entered will lie in the fact that you will feel stimulated and more energetic in doing any work afterwards. At first you will have to practice that contact from five to ten minutes every day. After a month or so you should be able to make it almost instantaneously. (Child-Friendly Exercise).

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