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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

Materialization Exercise

#7  Mental Plane Group

Morning and evening continue to practice the Star Exercise, Relaxation, Silence, constant Contact with Universal Life Energy, and Concentration. This new Exercise, on whose performance these others will be focused. 


Proceed as follows for the MATERIALIZATION EXERCISE:

After you have entered into Silence and made the contact with Universal Life Energy, concentrate your thought on Money. By so doing you will direct the flow of Life Force to the Financial Center in your brain through which your Money Consciousness finds expression. You will start it out of its lethargy, stimulate and strengthen it in its growth and exert through it an ever more powerful and far-reaching attraction for the object of your Concentrated Thought—Money.

In this procedure be clearly conscious of what Money really is. Now that it is a world power flowing to you and through you continually. Let your realization of its true nature dictate your perception of it. Feel your One-ness with it, your identity with the limitless supply of Abundance and Wealth. Do not pray or beg for Money or indulge a subservient attitude toward it. Experience rather the joy and certainty of Possession, the sense of your right to it as one of the inherent Powers to which you are born. Recognize and develop your capacity to control it and be confidently ready to receive it in proportion.

Let no Fear or Doubt enter your mind in connection with what you are doing. The invariable effect of Fear in any of its aspects is to paralyze and close up, and its influence on your Money Consciousness will be to contract its organ, the Financial Center, and pinch off the vitalizing current of Life Energy. As you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, there is no excuse for Fear. Simply know that the thing you want you already have. Be securely conscious of it, and it will be so.

Practice the new Exercise until results show that the desired unfoldment has started. Then continue to practice it diligently in order to promote that growth with ever greater vigor. Your Money Consciousness will so develop that Realization will always more promptly and more richly crown your endeavors, because you will have trained yourself to a greater capacity for handling and attracting Money. In the end, as you render yourself a wider channel for its flow, you will overcome all the limitations which vex and restrain your ambitions and will emerge into an untrammeled Prosperity.

Do not hasten or try to force conditions by forcing issues. Will Power is not a friend to permanent achievements. The best and only lasting growth is the natural one. Impatience is a barrier to any Force of Nature, so when Universal Life Energy is used one must dispense with it if the Laws of Nature are to take their course. Patience and Perseverance are the two qualities which insure solid, ordered improvement, and by exercising them you are bound to win.

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