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Star Exercise

Exercise #4 - Physical Plane Group

This Star Exercise, is a KEY to unlocking and bringing forth latent powers and forces in the body. Universal Life Energy (ULE) is limitless and all-powerful. The more it flows into the body the stronger an individual becomes. The object of the this exercise' is to establish a permanent contact and thus secure a continual flow of Universal Life Energy into the Life Center of your body. 

If we believe in a thing, and state our faith in it, it will be so. But if we doubt or fear, we prevent its realization. In order to enable everyone, even the most skeptical, to successfully make conscious contact with Universal Life Energy, the Five Star Exercise provides a method of pure physical contact, based on the operation of physical laws. This Star Exercise, has an advantage over making the Mental Contact -- it does not require any faith in the process.  You can simply take the position, shown in the diagram, and allow Universal Life Energy to flow naturally through your body.


Alternatively, you may choose to simultaneously make the Mental Contact, speaking the words, “I AM ONE WITH UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY. IT IS FLOWING THROUGH ME NOW. I FEEL IT.”—once you have assumed the position (see diagram of the five pointed star exercise position, below). Performing both together will enhance the flow of energy, as mind and body are then co-operating to achieve the same end.



RIGHT HAND ~ TURN DOWNWARD; OUTFLOW: After the Inflow of Universal Life Energy (ULE) has moved through the body centers, as Life Energy, It flows out of the body towards the Earth and/or to a general cause or distant location when used in healing.


LEFT HAND ~ TURN UPWARD; INFLOW: Set your 'intention and your attention' to FEEL and be open to RECEIVE the natural flow of Universal Life Energy (ULE) from the Infinite Eternal supply.

LH=Inflow of ULE

RH=Outflow of ULE

 THE LIFE CENTER: is the sacred chamber in which our Higher Self, so to   speak, dwells. It is the Holiest of the Temples which comprise our Body. Its role is   to receive Universal Life Energy which opens the veil between the sacred   chamber and the self. It transforms ULE into life currents which it sends   by  way of the Solar Plexus. Its location is at the base of the spine (Sacral   Template).                                    

 THE SOLAR PLEXUS: distributes life currents sent to it from the Life Center.  It determines the Strength of an individual.                                      

The body is opened to the inflow of Universal Life Energy; attracted, as if by a magnet, by the life force within. The inner Life Center, stimulated by the incoming current of Universal Life Energy, transforms that Force into the body’s life force and sends it to the Solar Plexus.  The Solar Plexus serves as a reservoir or storehouse, conveying the Life Force by way of the nerves, for utilization throughout the whole body.

The actual contact between the inner Life Center and the external Universal Life Energy, for this Star Exercise, takes place when the body is positioned as shown in the diagram. Standing straight yet relaxed, with legs spread, arms stretched to either side on a level with the shoulders, and with head erect, your body alignment fits into a five-pointed star. The head fits into the upper point, two arms into the two side points, the torso into the center, and the legs into the two lower points. The palm of the left hand should be turned up and the right-hand palm should be turned down. The whole body must remain erect, but not tense.

The upturned palm of the left hand receives the inflow of Universal Life Energy which is directed from Space towards the Earth. The inherent power of attraction exercised by the Life Center within your body, acts as a powerful magnet to increase the inflow of Universal Life Energy coming from Space. Through the nerves of the hand, arms, and the spinal cord, ULE converted into Life Energy, flows to your Life Center, located at the base of your spine. There as stated above, it is transformed into the life force of your body and is sent, thus transformed, into your Solar Plexus.​

Once the Solar Plexus has been completely filled with Life Force, the surplus flows out through the down-turned palm of the right hand and into the earth, in response to the earth’s magnetic attraction. The Solar Plexus itself acts as a distributing center from which the life force is continually sent out to the various parts of the body according to their needs, from where it is finally radiated in the form of a radio-activity called the “Aura,” or “Human Atmosphere.”

This exercise establishes a current of Universal Energy, flowing from the Infinite Source into the body—invigorating, purifying, and developing it, then flowing outward; only to return with an ever-increasing power. The Life Energy not only penetrates your body through the left hand, as described above, but also pours in through every cell and nerve.  Those secondary currents converge toward your Life Center which absorbs them, transforms them into Life Force, and sends it back out throughout the entire body.

Rainbow and Waterfall

Shortly after you have taken the position, you may begin to feel a heaviness in the palm of the left hand, as if a heavy ball were pressing on the palm. You may also sense a tingling in the fingertips of the right hand. These two different sensations are due to the inflow and outflow of the Life Energy, confirming that both contact and flow have been established. 

If in the beginning you do not feel the flow of Life Energy throughout your body do not be discouraged.  As in most things, this is a matter of training. The more often you practice the exercise, the more you will actually feel the flow.  The proof that the Life Energy has entered your body will be shown in the fact that, after completing the exercise, you will feel stimulated and more energetic in performing any tasks.



There are several other important points to be remembered in connection with this exercise:


  • It is best performed in the morning, immediately after getting up and before doing anything else, and at night before going to bed.

  • Three to five minutes is all that is needed to perform the Star Exercise. For the first month it would be inadvisable to do it longer because of the very strong influx of Life Energy. Later, when your body becomes accustomed to that inflow of Universal Life Energy, the duration of the Star Exercise can be extended to fifteen minutes and the exercise performed more than twice a day.

  • Dress as lightly as possible, in order to leave your body free and without pressure on any part of it. The exercise is best performed in front of an open window, or if the temperature and circumstances permit, outdoors.

  • The Star Exercise should never be done immediately after a meal.  Wait at least one hour to avoid nausea or indigestion.

  • Deep, rhythmic breathing is helpful during the exercise, because of the stimulating effects of the oxygen.

  • In the beginning, your arms may tire. Do not struggle to keep your arms up in their proper position. Let them drop and lift them again when rested; otherwise the tension in the muscles and nerves will counteract the flow of the Force through them.

  • If you are very sensitive, you may notice a swaying of your body forward and backward while performing the exercise. If that swaying becomes too strong, avoid the risk of falling by performing the exercise lying on your back, on a couch or on a bed.

  • The points of the compass are of no importance to those who use Life Energy, which is Universal. The Force will flow equally well no matter which direction the face is turned.

  • The Star Exercise is very beneficial for children. It stimulates the entire body, especially the brain centers and those glands which play such an important role in the child’s growth and development.

There are various modifications of the Star Exercise by which Universal Energy can be contacted physically.

(Six Pointed Star Exercise, Assemblage Point, Pituitary Body, and Pineal Gland information re-load coming soon.)

An old key hangs on a tree branch, again

The Star Exercises are indeed a KEY TO ALL POWER; Like everything else, this is a matter of training. The more you train your body in that direction the more you will actually feel the currents of Universal Life Energy entering it. If in the beginning you do not feel the flow of Life Energy through your body, do not be discouraged. The proof that it has entered will lie in the fact that you will feel stimulated and more energetic in doing any work. At first you will have to practice that contact from five to ten minutes every day. After a month or so you should be able to make the contact almost instantaneously.


“I AM ONE WITH UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY” is an Eternal Verity. Its audible statement awakens within your Soul the realization of the eternal fact of your actual unity on the Soul Plane with Universal Life Energy. Thus, the Soul is stimulated to assert that union.

“IT IS FLOWING THROUGH ME NOW” represents the opening of the mental gates. You are a law unto yourself on the Mental Plane. To become conscious of something mentally means to give life to it, to make it real, whereas things of which you are unconscious are as if non-existent for you. Becoming conscious that Life Energy is flowing through you right now according to mental laws, make it so. And as your Soul has been awakened by the first statement, it will support with all its awakened power this second mental statement.

“I FEEL IT,” are the closing words. This refers directly to your body. It makes you not only know, but actually feel, the fact of the contact and that which you feel becomes very real to you.  When making the last statement, “I FEEL IT,” you must not try to imagine or persuade yourself that you feel Universal Life Energy flowing through you. On the contrary, you must be as analytical as possible, though not skeptical. You must take the attitude of an individual who, for instance, tries to hear far away sounds or see a distant object. One strains their senses, sharpens them in order to perceive otherwise imperceptible impressions. Similarly, when making the mental contact you must make your sense of feeling very acute in order to perceive the inflow into your body of Life Energy.

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