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Liquid Drop

Invigoration II Exercise

#8  Mental Plane Group

Practice Relaxation, Silence, and the continual contact with Universal Life Energy as the usual necessary steps leading to the Exercise, called INVIGORATION.

INVIGORATION is accomplished as follows:


During the Silence, as soon as you feel the contact well established and the Force flowing strongly, concentrate your Mind on It as Energy. Perceive It vividly as the quick and living current which forms the life of all things, the unseen Power whose touch transmutes inert Matter into something moving, sentient, able to act, achieve and create. Realize that without It your physical mechanism would be unable to stir, that sight, sound, vision, thought, and all would fade like a waning ember into impenetrable night.

Then see your relation to this energizing Power. Understand that you are a single unit continually bathed in It as in an ocean, and that you are drinking It in through a certain especially adapted point of contact in your brain known to you as the Pituitary Body, or Telepathic Apparatus. Think of that tiny ductless gland as the mouth which feeds your whole Body, pouring into brain, heart, trunk, and limbs the vital fluid which glows forth through them as thoughts and activities. Know that the strength and degree of every move made depends ultimately on how well your Pituitary Body functions, because the secretions it puts forth, manufactured out of the Life Force it takes in, stimulate your brain first and through the brain your entire system. It is the switch through which the current of your life pours in, strong and bright or weakly dim, according to how well you contact It.

Therefore, be concerned to contact It well. Open yourself to an abundant flow. You will feel invigorated, buoyant and at the same time rested. Your thoughts will become clearer, your thinking more direct and assured, your actions prompt and decisive. Remember, you are contacting Energy, which demands expression in motion, and which will not be content to dissipate itself in dreams. If the connection between thought and act has been more vague than it should have been before, it will become clear and strong now. All blurred edges will be trimmed away; ideas will be living things to be done instead of misty pictures to be admired.

The benefit of this Exercise is most pronounced when you are mentally tired. That fatigue is caused by congestion of vibrations of the Pituitary Body and the front lobes of the brain. Your receiving apparatus is clogged so that you can neither send out nor receive thought vibrations properly and is unable to coordinate them for clear thinking. The dispersion of this congested field can be helped if, in addition to the mental Exercises, you also direct the Force to it through your hands. Place your fingertips lightly touching at the center of the forehead where the Pituitary Body is located, hold them there until the Magnetic Contact is well established, then move them with a brushing motion, slowly and gently, towards the temples on each side. Continue in this way until in a few minutes you feel that the pressure is relieved.

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