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Fertilization Exercise

Exercise #2 - Mental Plane Group

In order to enrich and develop your most important Subconscious quality, Imagination, an Exercise has been designed which is to be known as FERTILIZATION. This Exercise being the outgrowth of these other basic Exercises which have been given you, and depending on them for its successful performance, requires that you shall perform those Exercises regularly, as always, before expecting to reap advantage from their product. Therefore, repeat morning and evening the Star Exercise, Relaxation, Silence, and Contact together with Attention and Concentration.


Proceed with the FERTILIZATION EXERCISE as follows:

As the object of your Concentration Exercise this week take your own Solar Plexus, the seat of your Subconsciousness. Then, after having made the Contact with Universal Life Energy, focus your thought on that Solar Plexus and picture it mentally as being fertile, strong, pure, and harmonious. Know that all the perfect qualities and knowledge of your Superconsciousness are there, latent, under all the human experiences and knowledge, all the information and impressions, heaped over them. Try to reach them through the good part of that human thought matter, and not only create in your Conscious Self the concept of them as an actual possession but be joyful at the realization of such treasures.

That whole mental treatment, applied to your Subconsciousness, will open it widely through the physical avenues of your body to the abundant inflow of Universal Life Energy. Then do not worry about results and above all do not close yourself up by fear, because the Great Law of the Universe will take care that Life Energy does Its work properly.

In this way you will purify and strengthen the productive powers of the mental soil. Then in using Universal Life Energy continually in all your activities, physical, mental, and emotional you will safeguard that specific work by warding off all the negative thoughts and impressions which are continually seeking a way in to destroy it.

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