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Polarization Exercise

#9  Mental Plane Group

Continue to practice the Star Exercise morning and evening, together with Relaxation, Silence, and continual Contact with Universal Life Energy. This Exercise will help train your aroused faculties for efficient contact with Cosmic Mind through the process known as POLARIZATION.

POLARIZATION means to adjust and integrate yourself with something, to attune yourself to such sympathetic accord with it, that it becomes one with you. Your separate identity melts away like ice in water, and the two become single, undivided. 


In this instance you are to polarize yourself to Universal Mind, the Harmonious and perfect Source of all Knowledge.


The way to proceed is as follows:

During the Silence, after you have made the contact with Universal Life Energy and feel the Force flowing strongly, concentrate your thought upon Universal Mind. Perceive that Mind in Its real Aspect, not as limited, perhaps restricted to this planet and to human beings like the atmosphere, but as Unlimited, Universal. Realize that It impregnates all Space, all Matter, a limpid Essence in which the stars swim and Infinity reposes. Appreciate the unbroken Harmony, the faultless unity of All Knowledge, which comprises that Essence. Reflect It in your own Mind as a clear pool might reflect a pure, fresh sky. Lose yourself in It, understand your Oneness with It and your ready, sensitive response to Its clear melody of silent perfection.

The more you attune yourself in this way to Cosmic Mind, the more strongly your Pineal Gland, the wireless station of your Superconsciousness, will function. It will catch the vibrations from Above and pour them in increasing abundance into your brain. Presently, having sensitized your brain sufficiently through the flood of Universal Life Energy with which you are constantly drenching it, you will become aware of those higher mental vibrations which ordinarily are too subtle to be registered consciously.

Take care not to force yourself into the desired condition by Will Power. The temptation is great, but to yield to it is fatal to your purpose. All the Energy possible must be directed into that Exercise, but it must be directed through the Law which governs Universal Power, not by Will Power which opposes It.

The benefit of this Exercise is not restricted to your Inspirational channel alone. It spreads through all associated activities, primarily Intuition. Not only is that invaluable Faculty developed, but it is coordinated with its most active enemy, Reason. The two are brought into a harmonious relation which brings forth in you that “Sixth Sense” previously mentioned, and which is the goal toward which Humanity is struggling in its Evolutionary process.

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