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Enjoying Nature

Unification Exercise

Exercise #6 - Spiritual Plane Group

The Star Exercise morning and evening, Relaxation, Silence, and the Mental Contact are to be continued as always; culminating in the new Exercise, known as UNIFICATION.

The import of UNIFICATION is implied no less clearly in the name itself than in the simplicity of the Exercise. Its whole object is to dissolve away whatever remaining shell of negative still persists to insulate you from complete union with the Universal Forces.


To perform the UNIFICATION EXERCISE, proceed as follows:

After you have relaxed and made the contact with Universal Life Energy, concentrate your Mind on the perception of that Force as a Universal Power outside of you, a Shoreless Ocean in whose midst you float. Then, through the process of VISUALIZATION EXERCISE, endeavor to realize your Unity, your Oneness, with that Power. As ice melts in the water from which it is derived, so let your separate Identity merge mentally and physically into a sense of complete Union with the Infinite Ocean out of which you had your origin. Let the dividing line dwindle away, so that you are acutely conscious of the living waves of that Force washing in endless sequence through every part of your Being.

The proper performance of the Exercise will give you a stimulating sense of extraordinary Power, Confidence, and Joy. The Infinite Force of Universal Harmony will vibrate throughout Mind and Body, just as the mighty power of a great organ is gathered behind one chord to which the theme is keyed. All the petty discords which snarl below the surface of ordinary existence will be swept aside before your Conscious Realization of your Oneness with the Great All and your perception of the Universal Brotherhood of Man.

As UNIFICATION is the culminant point to which all previous Exercises are erected, its success will be in proportion to your conscientious and systematic practice of all that has gone before. Details are thus swallowed in one simple process that binds them into a single coherent whole, but each of those details has been one graduated step in a definitely ordered progress that demands the equal development of all in order to realize the highest.

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