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Exercise #5 - Physical Plane Group

The object of this Exercise is to teach you to use nerves to contact Universal Life Energy, and by the reaction of Universal Life Energy in its stimulation of all cells and tissues of your being, to make those wireless stations function ever more strongly. This Exercise will help you also a great deal in the work of harmonization of your physical body. It is performed as follows:

When making the contact with Universal Life Energy, try to feel the Force pouring in through every hair and nerve. You will perhaps perceive it as a tingling sensation, a feeling as if the hairs of your body were trying to stand on end. Think of your body as perfect, strong and harmonious. Do not try to localize or make specific that harmony, as the activities of your Individuality may not at all coincide with your idea of what they ought to be.


Think of harmony as a general condition and leave it to your higher self, your real self, to see that its expressions are tempered with that harmony as they emerge into and through it. That way you will discover that what comes out is really best for you.

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