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The Lightbearers College Learning Center

It is our mission here at the Lightbearers World Center and Lightbearers College, to provide our community with an inspiring and supportive learning environment that presents our students with sustainable life-changing tools. Know Thyself.

Health, success, and happiness are the goals of human life.  Health is energy; the more you manifest it, the more optimal life is. Success is the intelligent use of that energy, and happiness is the satisfaction that you get from the proper combination the two.


Science of Being does not teach man-made theories, it presents to humanity truth, facts, and a profound explanation of the Universal Laws that govern 'All' living things. It is a practical guide that unveils the abundant mysteries of life.  It explains the 'who' and 'what' we are as Human Beings, and the 'who' and 'where' did we come from. It shows us what the purpose of Life is, and 'how' as an individual Ray of the Eternal, we can fully fulfill our own.


The Science of Being Teachings assists one to understand their own true nature, their 'Real Self' and how these mysteries and the Great Architect's ~ God's true Laws work through them through practical application and understanding. It helps one to consciously shape and optimally create one's life. There is always a reason for the way things are in the present moment, and if one can find the causes of the effects, one can remove those undesirable effects by shifting one's understanding of them.


Once these teachings are applied they create and multiply causes that produce constructive, and harmonic results in one's life physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Science of Being, path, is a personal growth experience; it meets the student where they are in their present state of human evolution. It eliminates the guilt and shame factors by giving you the proper perspective of yourself in relation to the Universal Forces of which one is a product. The Teachings in The Science of Being opens one's eyes and one's heart. It delivers into your hands the tools to have conscious control of your own Destiny.




There are two divisions to
he Lightbearers College:
  1. Webinar Courses and Private Instruction with instructors adept in the teachings of the Science of Being.

  2. Free Study Library is an open learning center full of enlightening material. 



Once Humanity comes to “Know Thyself,” and the wisdom that empowers and liberates their lives, Humankind will come to understand that they have never been powerless on this plane of existence. When Humanity embodies these Truths, it will once again become an unstoppable force for the vital transformation of this heavenly planet, Earth.





Courses offered year-round.

Our College Study Library is a FREE and open learning center, full of enlightening material. 

Circular Library

Read about all of our past courses. These courses are cyclical and will be offered again in the future.

 "You are the director and the playwright of your life, a caretaker of Humanity’s child-- the Earth, and a central figure in the whole of creation."


We celebrate your unique Life, your Learning, and your Spiritual progress.

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