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Exteriorization Exercise

Exercise #2 - Spiritual Plane Group

Continue with the Star Exercise, Relaxation & Silence, and the continual Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy, daily. In addition to these, proceed with the Exercise called EXTERIORIZATION.

The purpose of EXTERIORIZATION is to promote the unfoldment into material expression through you of the wealth of qualities and powers which your Soul, as a Concentrated Ray of Universal Life Energy, possesses in itself.


In order to perform this Exercise, proceed as follows:

After you have entered into Silence, make Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy and establish a strong, rich flow of that Power through you. Then focus that Current on the task to which It is to be applied by concentrating your Mind on Exteriorizing or bringing out into manifestation through the lens of your Physical Self, all the lavish abundance of qualities compacted in your Soul Ray. Perceive your relation as a material entity with the invisible Shaft of Universal Life Energy, your Soul, of which you are the outgrowth. Understand the exquisite symmetry and perfection of those qualities which it pours down on you for expression, their absolute identity with the Standard of Life, Mind, Law (Truth), and Love which is manifested without flaw in them. Try to feel that these qualities are expressed and outlined with equal nicety of proportion through your physical shell.

Be aware of your Life Center as the Spring out of which the Current of Universal Life Energy wells up fresh and untainted, sparkling with Its clear essence of Strength, Eternal Youth, Mental Vigor, Joy and Beauty, and all the qualities native to It. Sense that refreshing Stream spilling from the core of your being outward along every nerve, filling you as water fills a bowl and brimming over through your skin itself. Feel your plastic flesh and muscles, the tissues of your Body, responding to the Strength and Harmony of which they are conductors, molding and adapting themselves subtly to the perfect qualities carried into them for expression on the persistent Tide of this Force.

The more you promote the expression of your Soul qualities through your Physical Self in this manner, Exteriorizing them through their corresponding material medium, the more they will modify the shape of that medium to suit them. The outline of your features and Body is bound to change as it accommodates itself to that of which it is the vehicle. You deal with the Cause, concerned mainly with passing your Soul’s qualities into manifestation as nearly perfect as they are fundamentally; the physical reflection takes care of itself. Thus you are able to achieve a dream that has always entertained the longing fancy of Mankind—to uncap the Fountain of Eternal Youth in your Body, rejuvenate it with the Life Energy of the Universe and make it always stronger, more harmonious, and beautiful.

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