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Harmonization Exercise

Exercise #7 - Spiritual Plane Group

Continue to practice the Star Exercise morning and evening, together with Relaxation, Silence, and the constant Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy. In addition to these enter into the Exercise, HARMONIZATION.

The purpose of HARMONIZATION is to adjust yourself with relation to the Universal Forces and Laws which seek expression through you. Sickness, Inefficiency, Poverty, Unhappiness, Discord of any sort which impairs your rightful powers, exist in direct proportion to your own conscious or unconscious violation of Natural Laws. In proportion as you reestablish yourself in full accord with those Laws, the ill effect of your opposition to them will vanish and you will come to the peak of your vigor and efficiency in every direction. You will attain the perfect Poise which is the keystone of all Strength.

To practice HARMONIZATION, proceed as follows:

After you have relaxed, entered into Silence and made the Contact with Universal Life Energy, concentrate on the Love Aspect of that Force from which Peace and Harmony spring. Understand that Harmony is a fundamental condition of All Being, the norm of absolute Equilibrium toward which all things in Nature instinctively aspire. Realize that deep within you, as within everything, the core of that Harmony exists as true and uncorrupted as in the gigantic symphony of all Powers which roll the Worlds on its courses. Endeavor to feel it, to connect it once again with the Harmony outside through the neglected human YOU which you have permitted to fall out of proper alignment. Let Inspiration, drawn from your Contact with the Love Aspect of Universal Life Energy, weld together the broken parts of that chain in which your Human Self has proved the faulty link.


This Exercise, more than any other, will build up within you that sense of Poise and instant command over all your faculties, Mental and Physical, which makes you master over every situation because it makes you master first over yourself. You will achieve the Peace which comes from consciousness of Strength, a calm and confident equanimity manifesting itself in steadiness of Mind and Emotions, which no circumstances even of the utmost danger can disturb. This is indeed a divine quality, and at the same time of the greatest practical value.

Remember in the performance of this Exercise to avoid any use of Will Power. Aside from the fact that such an attempt can only cut you off from contact with the very Force that you are trying to contact, it is clearly futile for you to exert a very limited human mental power in an endeavor to bend the Supreme Power to your ends. You cannot compel the Highest to resign Itself to your Will, but you can engage Its help by trustfully and lovingly delivering yourself into Its Arms.

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