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Realization Exercise

#5 Mental Plane Group

The performance morning and evening of the Star Exercise, Relaxation, Silence, and Concentration together with the continual use of the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy at all times, are the usual necessary preliminaries to the Exercise called REALIZATION.

The purpose of REALIZATION is to breed a wealth of new ideas in any specific line of thinking and thus furnish you with ample material to project into constructive fact. For example, you may desire to improve and expand your business, to perceive practical ways of enlarging it and promoting a greater volume of trade. Or you may wish to improve some other department of your life, because in every aspect of human activities there is always room for improvement, accelerated progress and growth, with a corresponding increase in power and returns.

As the object of your Concentration Exercise, take this week that activity in which you want to uncover new ideas. The ideas are there in your mental ground, but in order to bring them within reach you have to dig for them. The more you concentrate on the subject in mind, and the more effectively you put Universal Life Energy behind that work, then the more you are probing into your mental soil and unearthing the wealth of new ideas lodged there. Writing these ideas down as you discover them will be a wise precaution, as otherwise you are apt to forget them.

When you have selected a sufficient number of ideas to form a creditable working basis, they must be submitted to your conscious facilities for examination of their possibilities. Those that survive the critical analysis of your Reason will be sound mental metal, constructive and of a great value both to you, and to others.

Remember, nothing commands a higher price among Humanity than good ideas. They are actual mind treasures which will be accepted at face value everywhere. Your unfailing bank account is in your head if you will only take the trouble to draw on it.

A student of the Work recently put this to the test with most satisfactory results. Through the method just described she obtained an idea for a moving picture play, which she wrote out and submitted in a prize contest of thousands. Her idea won the competition, bringing her not only a considerable cash prize, but also a large royalty on the completed picture, which became famous throughout America. Yet this student had never before done any sort of commercial writing, and she had, besides the reward in cash, the unusual experience of seeing her first attempt crowned with the most extraordinary success.

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