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Welcome to our re-designed Lightbearers College, Study Library! Our library provides you the opportunity to study the fundamental principles in the teachings of the Science of Being. We share our knowledge and inspiration of these teachings, freely, with the hopes that you may find a spark that will deepen your personal relationship with your own unique self and with the Great Principle ~ The Eternal. Check back often as we share new insights, inspiration, and understanding here in our new re-designed Lightbearers College Study Library. 

Once the Science of Being teachings are directly applied to your daily life, with an optimal application of intention and understanding, you will learn to multiply causes that produce constructive and harmonic results/effects in your life--physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Science of Being is a personal experience; it meets the student where they are in their present state of evolution. It gives one the proper perspective of oneself in relation to the operation of the Universal Laws and one's purpose in this world as well as in the Universe. It has been 'The Quest of the Human Soul', throughout time, to fully unveil and put to optimal use that Wisdom and Knowledge as one lives life, here on this earthly plane of existence.


The Teachings in The Science of Being open one's eyes and one's heart to what Life is, what Intelligence is, what Truth is, what Love is, and to that which 'is' the Power that ignites and aligns one's spirit with the Wisdom of their own Eternal Soul. It delivers into your hands the tools to have conscious control of your life; whereas you are the director and play-write of your own destiny, efficiently and purposefully. May the Flame of Love and Knowledge Light your way; enjoy the journey!


 The Great Law ~ The Immutable Laws and The Mutable Laws.  Study along with us as we load in more Science of Being Teachings and Information.

The FourSquare is Eternal, the Map of The Great Principle, the plan for the whole of Creation. It is the condensation of all the Laws.

Science of Being Exercises & Meditations. THE STAR EXERCISES, and  

Universal Life Energy (ULE).



Important literary contributions from the LBWCThe Dream (Audio Version), Newsletters, and relevant information 

 for the further understanding 

in the Science of Being teachings.

"When Man, through self-knowledge and development of his inner latent

qualities and powers will be revealed to himself as he really is, a Child of God,

the Witness of the Absolute, the Perfect Manifestation of the Great All, he will

reach a greatness that passes all understanding. And this task of self development is


Study Library Highlights 

When Love Speaks, Love Says...



The Book ~ Online

Inspirations of Love, from around the World. This format will not be available for mobile viewing.

The Dream

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