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The Lightbearers Study Library

"When Man, through self-knowledge and development of his inner latent

qualities and powers will be revealed to himself as he really is, a Child of God,

the Witness of the Absolute, the Perfect Manifestation of the Great All, he will

reach a greatness that passes all understanding. And this task of self development is


Welcome to our Lightbearers College, Study Library! 

The Science of Being Teachings are the Divine Laws of Nature and the Laws of the Universe articulated for us. They elegantly and factually describe the wisdom of the 'unique relationship' they have with one another, and with all Life. This knowledge describes for us the 'divine exchange' shared between all living things and Universal Life Energy, and how the Universal Laws govern that synergy. It nobly teaches one to develop a 'fundamental relationship' between the Absolute Principle and oneself, and answers the mysteries, as to 'why'.

Once the Science of Being teachings are directly applied to your daily life, with an optimal application of intention and understanding, you will learn to multiply causes that produce constructive and harmonic results/effects in your life--physically, mentally, and spiritually. The Science of Being is a personal experience; it meets the student where they are in their present state of evolution. It is a Friend to 'all' who wish to truly embrace Life to the fullest. It has been 'the quest', throughout time, for Humankind to fully unveil and put to optimal and proper use the Wisdom and Knowledge of one's Soul as one creates life, here on this earthly plane of existence. Enjoy the Wisdom and the journey!

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The Universal Symbolagrams
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