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White Plants

Spiritualization Exercise

Exercise #9 - Spiritual Plane Group

Continue to practice the Star Exercise regularly, morning and evening, ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE. This, with Relaxation, Silence, and the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy, forms the vital foundation of all that you can hope to do in your life with the help of that Power. Then, whenever you feel the need of a specific Exercise, choose it from among the number given here and through it apply the Life Current to the strengthening of whatever part of your nature you think requires it most.

The special Exercise is a culmination of the entire series of Exercises offered here, and for that reason most advanced of all, is SPIRITUALIZATION.


In order to practice SPIRITUALIZATION proceed as follows:

After you have relaxed, entered into Silence and made the Contact with Universal Life Energy, concentrate your thought on SPIRIT, on the Supreme Ideal. Do not try to give it concrete form or an outline in your Imagination. That is impossible. Perceive it only as the Ideal, as Spirit, an abstract concept personal to each individual, and feel your Oneness with It. Rise through Inspiration into completely identify with It, shedding all consciousness of your limited Human Self, your human desires and aspirations.

Then gradually release yourself even from thought itself. Let your whole nature dissolve into an exquisite atmosphere of feeling. Sense through every fiber of your Being the Supreme Power surrounding you, protecting, strengthening, and refreshing you, pulsating with an ever quicker and fuller beat within you. Cast loose the last thread of remembrance connecting you with mundane things and entrust yourself wholly to the gentle tide of that Power.

Soon an extraordinary sense of wordless Happiness, Peace, and Strength will flush with living light the inner darkness in which you dwell. Sorrow, Discontent, Discouragement, all the somber shadows which thicken within the confines of your human life, will melt before the sun of utter Harmony which dawns in placid splendor upon you. You will have attained the Highest it is possible to attain in your present State of Human Consciousness. You will have become, for the time, consciously One with the Ideal, with Spirit, and you will have drawn into your life from each of those contacts such attributes of that Ideal as can be adequately suggested only by your own individual experience. Mind alone cannot convey any idea of them; it is too limited. They are of Spirit, and like Spirit they surpass all understanding.

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