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Liberation Exercise

Exercise #8 - Spiritual Plane Group

Continue as usual the Star Exercise morning and evening. Practice Relaxation, Silence, and constant Contact with Universal Life Energy. Then proceed with the Exercise, known as, LIBERATION.

The aim of this latest Exercise is to establish perfect Poise in the individual by establishing his/her Unity with the Universal Power through the three parts of his/her Triune Nature. This is accomplished by freeing the individual from whatever limitations may hamper his/her growth and unfoldment on any of the Three Planes.

To practice the LIBERATION EXERCISE, proceed as follows:

After Relaxation, Silence, and Contact with Universal Life Energy concentrate your thought on your Oneness with the Universe which is the Great Expression of that Power. Drink in through every fiber the sense of its illimitable Vastness, its Strength and above all its Freedom. Extend yourself through the close horizon of limitations which crowds about your narrow conscious sphere and pierce for a time into the horizonless All beyond. Perceive the boundless sweep of the Great Law surging also through you, be absorbed into It and realize that, as a drop of water shares the power of the ocean into which is falls, so you partake of the free Immensity of the Universe in which you exist.

The more strongly you are aware of that sense of Universal Freedom, the more successful you will be in shaking off the limitations which divide you from It. All burdens, physical, mental, and emotional will gradually drop away. An extraordinary feeling of security, ease, and power will spring up buoyantly in their place. You will look upon life with a new vision, a richer understanding, an equanimity serene and confident, beyond the power of any circumstance to balk or disturb. You will be FREE within yourself.

Once you have obtained this inner LIBERATION, the outside expression of it is bound to follow. Nothing and nobody can bind one who is really free within, because nothing can withstand the force of Natural Laws which demand corresponding recognition. Freedom is Man’s birthright; nations and individuals war to the end for it; you can attain it alone, because you KNOW HOW.

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