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Exercise #6 - Physical Plane Group

First relax, and enter into Silence (see Silence Exercise) in the usual way, and then make the Mental Contact (see Mental Exercise). While contacting Universal Life Energy during the Silence, think about physical and mental Strength. Bring the concept of Strength into clear focus within you; let it blot through and merge with your system until its identity as a separate concept is absorbed in your own identity--become one with Strength. Picture yourself vigorous, mentally alert, every fiber and nerve thriving with abundant vitality.

Perform this Exercise conscientiously and persistently, for five to ten minutes daily, and you will find that what you began as an abstract concept, becomes permanently activated in the fabric of your being. Instead of ebbing away at the conclusion of the Exercise it will, because of the driving power of Universal Life Energy, manifest itself gradually and with increasing force in both the body and mind.

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