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Magnetization Exercise

Exercise #4 - Spiritual Plane Group

Continue to practice the Star Exercise morning and evening, Relaxation, Silence, and the continual Contact with Universal Life Energy. Then to the sum of those specific Exercises for which the above are the foundation, and add the Exercise, called MAGNETIZATION.

The purpose of MAGNETIZATION is to attract, by the exertion through your intrinsic qualities of a sufficient Force, the elements for their material expression and realization. It is accomplished by pouring through your physical and mental channels a constantly increasing flood of Universal Life Energy, to flush forth in an ever more powerful radiation that contacts and draws within your reach from outside whatever is needed to embody in fact your ambitions and desires.


For the performance of MAGNETIZATION, proceed as follows:

Relax, enter Silence and make the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy. When you feel the Force flowing, stand and extend your two hands straight forward in front of you, in a position of blessing, with the palms downward. In effect, you are genuinely blessing the World during this time, because the Physical Stream of Universal Life Energy soaking in through every cell and nerve of your body is concentrated into a real River of Power sent out from your hands into Space. That constructive and animating Force not only benefits with its stimulating touch the entire World, to whose limits the vibrations instantly penetrate, but it establishes also the physical connection you desire between your immaterial concepts and the corresponding material means for their realization. It gives first, richly and abundantly, and in the giving puts into operation the machinery of an inevitable equivalent return.


This machinery is the Law of Compensation, which determines that in proportion as you give out of yourself into the general pool of All Wealth, or Achievement, that wealth spills back on you in the specific form required by your qualities for their materialization. You become a Nucleus of Magnetic Force, a Center of increasing Attraction from which, through the channels of all your varied positive traits and talents, a stronger and stronger current pours out to set up an equally strong flow in return. In the stream of that returning flow of Power, naturally, are carried to you the things you desire, the opportunities you need, the contacts with people which will open the way for you to your goal.

Your attitude during the performance of that Exercise of MANGETIZATION should be one of serene and impersonal Love. Be glad to give the World your surplus of vitality; let the warm glow of that giving steal expansively through your whole Being; simply feel happy, harmonious, poised. The more you are able to invite further relaxation in this way, the wider you will open within yourself the channels for the flow of Universal Life Energy and the finer will be the tinge of your own Self which you impart to the outgoing current. This, because of the higher rate of vibration with which you thus invest in, will in response attract to you from without the best and finest also.

Do not try to localize the Power of Attraction you generate during the MAGNETIZATION to any singly or particular object you wish to achieve. By limiting it to a specific thing you limit it also in its strength and effectiveness. When properly developed, it will attract anything and anybody with whom you come in contact; but just as one light needs the supporting radiance of many candle-power to make it brilliant, so one application of Magnetic Force needs the support of its own strength in every direction to make it in the highest degree efficient.

MAGNETIZATION should last only for from five to ten minutes each time it is practiced. Physical or mental effort of any sort must be avoided, as the keynote of the Exercise is thorough relaxation of the sort derived from complete poise. If your hands and arms feel tired in the beginning, do not try to keep them up, but drop them and raise them again when rested. As practice accustoms you to the position all fatigue will vanish, and you will develop gradually the requisite ease and strength which it must be your aim to achieve.

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