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Science of Being 


Laura Taylor AHLB BA, MA


Laura Taylor AHLB, has over 37 years of teaching, guiding and inspiring individuals to achieve their optimal potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since 2004, Laura has been one-of-two Acting Head Lightbearers in care of the Lightbearers Organization and the educational estate of Eugene Fersen known as The Teacher of The Teachers; she is a third generation Lightbearer. 


Laura holds two university degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree titled “The Whole Person Healing Process Body, Mind and Spirit," and a Master’s Degree titled "The Fundamental Principles of Scientific Spirituality." Laura has been honored with titles such as: "One of the most insightful Spiritual Philosophical Scientists of our time," and as an visual artist, her masterful iconology art collection known as 'The Universal Symbolagrams,' is a brilliant body of work; Opus Magnum. Read More...

Joshua Stalnaker CLB, MBA

​​​Hi, I’m Joshua! Thanks for BEing here.

My mission and purpose in all I do is simple: to empower you to embody your truth and live your fullest, most purposeful and most authentic life.


I am a Science of Being Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Certified Spiritual Mentor/Coach and Energy Healer with an MBA in International Business who infuses Numerology and the FourSquare Principle into all of my spiritual & daily practices.


Learning how to step into my most authentic-self was not something I could have done without the Science of Being teachings, Read More...

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