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The two exercises to be acquired by you first are Relaxation & Silence, without which no other exercises can be properly performed. Only when the body and mind are completely relaxed can you get what is called a real rest, for only then are you in the most ideally receptive condition. All the gates of your body and mind are then opened to the inflow of that Supreme Universal Power called Universal Life Energy.

These two exercises are fundamental ones and though very simple and easy to perform, they are most helpful, constructive, and necessary for your well being. It is a known fact that those who can relax properly for a few moments during physical or mental work are able to create, with less effort, yielding greater results than those who do not.


When starting Relaxation do not expect it to be perfect from the very beginning. To relax at will, like everything else, needs practice. If you notice that there is any tension in any part of your body when you are seated in the chair in the correct posture, let it go. Try to FEEL physically as comfortable and as much at ease as you can. Let that relaxation ripple out all over your body. As you relax allow you mind to observe your body as it relaxes. When Mind becomes aware of tension congestion in the body, send a message to that part of your body, to relax. Continue until one feels completely relaxed; now continue with the Silence Exercise.

Later on, when you will have trained yourself sufficiently in this direction, you will be able to relax and enter into Silence instantaneously whenever and wherever you feel the need, even in a crowd or amidst noise and disturbed conditions. 


The same also with your mind. Relax your brain and empty its mental content as much as possible. Try not to think of anything, but just to sense rest; peace, and when that condition is attained, then enter mentally into Silence. That is, try to silence within your own self for the time being all impulses, desires, and even thought. You will not be able to attain perfect silence within yourself right from the start, but every time you practice it you will gain something in that direction.

In practicing Relaxation and Silence, you will gradually gain much control over yourself that unfavorable surroundings will no longer be able so to influence you as to prevent you from deriving all the benefits from these two Exercises whenever you choose. The more you do, the stronger the flow of Universal Life Energy and It's qualities will be of service to your existence.