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Purification Exercise

Exercise #5 - Spiritual Plane Group

Continue with the Star Exercise morning and evening, Relaxation, Silence, and the continual Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy. Then proceed with the Exercise, known as, PURIFICATION.

The purpose of PURIFICATION is to clean from your inner atmosphere all traces of impurities which may have escaped your attention before or crept in since. In essence, it is the refinement of all that work you have done, the final straining of your character through the sieve of the Knowledge you have acquired, through the Teachings in the Science of Being, and the Universal Power whose uses you have learned.


To practice PURIFICATION, proceed as follows:

After you have relaxed, entered into Silence and made the Contact with Universal Life Energy, think of that Force in its greater Aspect as the Life Breath of the Universe. Perceive It in Its absolute purity, utterly fresh and untainted by contact with the coarser atmosphere in which Mankind is accustomed to dwell. Inhale deeply and rhythmically, and during the inhalation try to feel this Power entering into you, drenching lungs and body with its flow. Perform the Exercise in a standing position outdoors or before an open window if the temperature permits.

Presently you will be conscious of an extraordinary sensation of Purity and Freshness pervading your entire Being. Dullness and fatigue will be brushed aside like stale valley mist before a clean mountain breeze. That exhilaration comes, not from the wholesome air you take in and which serves chiefly to prepare the way, but from the clear sparkling inrush of Universal Life Energy Itself, pouring abundantly in with the air you breathe. There is no more practical and effective way to purge and stimulate your whole inner Being than this.

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