Malcolm Thurnburn, a famous Scottish-Argentine Artist (although art critics have listed him as an English artist); was commissioned to make the lettering, ornamentations and the illustrations for Eugene Fersen’s book, “Science Of Being.” Mr. Thurnburn was known in the early 1900s as a famous backdrop artist for live stage productions for people such as Rudolph Steiner, and for the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara. Today Malcolm Thurnburn is recognized as a renowned Californian Artist.


The Lightbearer art is owned exclusively by the Next Generation Acting Head Lightbearers through a ‘Work-Made-For-Hire’ copyright and granted by the last Elder Acting Head Lightbearer, Berenice L., heir to Eugene Fersen's work and estate.


The artwork printed in the book "Science Of Being" can be used for the reproduction of the book only. The original cover art for the “Science Of Being” was “The Lightbearer Emblem”. The artwork, “The Mighty Spirit”, was used as the cover by companies who have reproduced the book since 1985. Lightbearer Art cannot be reproduced for any purpose (other than the reproduction of the book) without our permission.


This is the official website for the Lightbearers Organization —
we are an International Educational,
Scientific, Non-Sectarian, Non-Political, Humanitarian Organization that was founded on December 14, 1921 by Eugene Fersen

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