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The Lightbearers World Center 

The Great Tower of Light Since 1921

The primary purpose of these teachings is to bring Enlightenment to Humanity through Pure Knowledge aflame with Love, and its mission is to pave the way to Peace and Harmony and true sustainable Power. Know Thyself


"Express in every act of yours  ALL ENERGY, INTELLIGENCE, TRUTH, and LOVE; thus living only will you live; thus acting only can you Build To Freedom, Strength, and Happiness in Life...Let this be your Foremost Aim. Message of The Lightbearers to the world.


The word “Lightbearer” in its literal sense means 'One' who bears the light. It is synonymous with a person who searches for knowledge and enlightenment and who in so doing seeks to bring it to others.

About The Science of Being 

The Science of Being teachings have been honored, by its readers, with the title, “The most powerful knowledge ever put into written form for the public with regard to the scientific and spiritual advancement and Liberation for Humankind.” The Author of these lessons, Eugene Fersen, ‘The Teacher of the Teachers,’ launched in his time the greatest ‘Human Potential Movement’ that would later become known as, the Inspiration for the 'New Age of Enlightenment'.

From the late 1800s, Eugene’s teachings taught or influenced many of the great historical teachers: Gandhi, and Eugene Fersen's Uncle--Tolstoy, Charles Haanel (The Master Key System), Dr. Hotema, Elizabeth Towne (Publisher of Nautilus Magazine), Wallace D. Wattles (The Science Of Getting Rich and The Science Of Being Well), Edgar Cayce, Annie Besant (Translator of the Bhagavad Gita, Theosophist, and Leader of Woman’s Rights), Huna Max Freedom Long (wise-teacher and healer of the Huna ways and teacher to the founders of the Course In Miracles Helen Schucman & William Thetford), Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Wayne W. Dyer, Charles Fillmore (Founder of The Unity Church), Samuel Clemens (author/pen-name of Mark Twain), William Walker Atkinson (one of the three Initiates of the Kybalion), Nikola Tesla, Manly P. Hall, Dr. Sharron Stroud, and Rudolph Steiner himself was touched by Eugene’s teachings.  These exceptional and unsurpassed teachings continue to influence the true seekers, seers, and visionaries of today. 

The Science of Being Teachings does not teach man-made theories, it presents to humanity truth, facts, and a profound explanation of the Universal Laws that govern 'All' Life. It is a practical guide that unveils the abundant mysteries of life. Once these teachings are applied, they create and multiply causes which manifest constructive and harmonic results in one's life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

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"Though a book of Science, it is a friend of true Religions and Philosophies. They will find their fundamental tenets

scientifically explained by the Science of Being, which will also show them that they are all brothers because Truth is

One, and is the Golden Thread on which are strung the varied pearls of Religions and Philosophies."  The Author

“No load is too heavy to carry if there is a need to carry it. The Eternal gives us the Power.”

~ The Lightbearer
About the Next Generation of Lightbearers

The Science Of Being ~ Lightbearers World Center is the website for the Original Lightbearers Organization first founded in 1921, by the Baron Eugene Fersen.

On June 24th 2004, the last of the Elder Lightbearers Secretaries and legal heir of the original Lightbearers Organization and that of the Baron Eugene Fersen’s estate, Berenice L., passed her duties of the Directorship of the Lightbearers World Center to Laura Taylor LB (3rd Generation Lightbearer and present acting Director of the LBWC) and Eugene Loher LB (2nd Generation Lightbearer; now retired from the LBWC). The duty of the LBWC is to maintain the Educational Estate for The Science Of Being Teachings written by Eugene Fersen, and to further advance its understanding for the present and future generations of The Lightbearers.

The Lightbearer Lineage, as it is passed down officially by the LBWC, shall take its “Flame of Knowledge, Inspiration, and Love,” out into the World while sharing the teachings of “The Science Of Being,” knowledge with the people of this World.

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