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Mount Fuji

Meditation Exercise

Exercise #1 - Spiritual Plane Group

Practice, morning and evening, the Star Exercise, Relaxation, Silence, and the continual Contact with Universal Life Energy. Then apply the coordinated stream of your forces in the channel of the Exercise, MEDITATION.

MEDITATION implies a deep and placid consideration of the world within, a seclusion from storms and squalls that blow down out of your environment to ruffle the delicate calm of your reflective mood. Therefore, choose a time and place suitable to your purpose, and comfortably withdrawn from all likelihood of unexpected intrusion.


Proceed with MEDITATION as follows:

Select for the object of the Exercise a sufficiently lofty and appropriate subject, in this particular instance your own Soul. Then, after you have entered into Silence made the Contact with Universal Life Energy, concentrate your Mind strongly on that highest and deepest part of your Being. Perceive it in its untarnished aspect as a pure Ray from its Eternal Source, imbued with all positive qualities of Strength and Power. Understand it as the Inexhaustible Spring of its manifestations in you as Life, Mind, Law (Truth), and Love. Let your concept of it overflow distinguishing material barriers and search out its brotherhood with other Souls throughout all Nature, both in the basic Universal Substance of Electrons into which all are projected and in the common Source from which all emerge. See yourself as its embodiment on this Material Plane, expressing but not obscuring its qualities.

Your process of thinking during MEDITATION should be slow, unhurried but deep. Let your thoughts sink into yourself like tiny motes sinking into the clear, bottomless depths of a quiet mountain lake. Drown your Conscious Self in the crystal Light of your Inner Self, allowing it to dissolve from you the irritating crust of disharmonious memories and experiences. The further you are able to penetrate in this way, the more satisfactory and refreshing your MEDITATION will be.

Guard against the improper use of Will Power in this Exercise. The subtle temptation to probe with that human instrument is always on the alert to spoil anything that requires patience, mental and physical repose, and relaxation. You cannot rush to your destination by your own willful strength; you can penetrate only gradually and steadily into that remote inner chamber of your Being.

Extraneous thoughts from without will probably insist on flashing through your Mind in the beginning when you practice MEDITATION. Be equally firm and insistent in dismissing them and bringing your Mind back to the subject designed for it. Cultivate the necessary calm, unflurried attitude of utter restfulness, and as you improve that you will obtain better results.

Through MEDITATION you will wipe away the discordant films which obscure expression of the Soul’s higher qualities through your human channels and will promote an extraordinary development and accord in every direction. It is one of the most valuable methods for obtaining the Poise and consequent Power so indispensable for Success in life.

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