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Thought Projection


Exercise #3 - Mental Plane Group

Continue as always, morning and evening, the Star Exercise, Relaxation & Silence, Mental Contact, and Concentration and through the practice of them preparing yourself for the effective performance of the Exercise called THOUGHT PROJECTION.


To accomplish THOUGHT PROJECTION, proceed as follows:


  • Entered into Silence and made the Contact with Universal Live Energy; after you have done that, concentrate your mind upon a certain object, preferably one of a simple and substantial nature.


  • When you have succeeded in obtaining a clear and vivid mental image of that object, inhale slowly and deeply to the full capacity of your lungs. This inhalation should gather in it the harmonious and rhythmic momentum of your own collected inner forces, which reach the height of their power when it reaches its climax also.


  • Then exhale quickly and project your mental concept into Space, winged with the charge of energy which you have rallied for that purpose.


  • After you have done that, do not think any longer about it, because further thought can have no influence on what you have sent out, one way or the other.

  • If you wish to convey that thought to someone, you can do so by thinking for an instant of that person at the very peak of your inhalation, just before you project the thought into Space. This quick thought establishes a connecting line that projected vibrations will follow as the line of least resistance.

Repeat this Exercise several times a day, choosing each time a new subject for your thought projection. In this way you will train yourself to think quickly and strongly, with an energy and decision that will make your thought produce a convincing impression. You will achieve a variety, and will develop an alertness, clarity, precision, and creative power of mind that will be invaluable to you.

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