Contact with Infinite Supply of Wealth

In addition to the Star Exercise morning and evening, you are to commence a new Exercise which will give a certain direction to the current of Life Energy contacted by you during the Relaxation and Silence. It is called the CONTACT WITH INFINITE SUPPLY OF ALL WEALTH, and its purpose is gradually to enable you to transmute more of the Universal Force into abundance by developing the physical organ in your brain for that transmutation. Perform it as follows:

During the Silence, after you have made the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy and feel It flowing through you, think strongly of Abundance and the Infinite Supply of all you need. Realize to yourself the statement, “I am expressing Infinite Wealth; It is now flowing through me; I am one with it.”

Thus, you start the corresponding center within your brain vibrating in response to your thought vibrations. The Life Energy you contact will then flow by way of the spinal nerve system to that center, there to be transformed into vibration of Prosperity and projected through you into material realization in your life.

Remember this point also, that you must naturally continue to strive for Abundance, for a great Supply. Your mental work will guide you to the right source of that Supply, will discover to you opportunities for contacting it, but it is for you to take bold and vigorous advantage of those opportunities.

The familiar saying, that you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink, applies here. Universal Life Energy can place you in direct relation with the Supply, but your conscious self has to draw it in. Mental work alone is not sufficient. Simply to contact mentally Universal Abundance and then not take the necessary steps to get it is useless. You live on the physical plane as well as on the mental one, and the cooperation of the two is required to produce results.

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