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What a Joy to Manifest, Love!

What a blessing to behold, to manifest and to be able to live the 'Law of Love' on a daily basis! To live it and then to be able to offer it forward to those around you and to all Mankind, is the greatest gift. 

The Law of Love is the Law of Harmony; it is the Law of Attraction.  It effortlessly works in harmony with all the other Laws. So, when we apply the 'Law of Love' to our lives we cannot help but have more Love in it.

To operate in the 'Law of Love' and to have It working through you-- is to simply make contact with It and allow It to flow through you. You will experience the energy of joy, freedom, and happiness that, I think, one could not imagine. When you can still the outer, and be fully open to receive all of Love's infinite blessings, you will be rewarded with such abundance that all seeming shadows will disappear. 

We must however, be on guard daily and have our attention dialed into infinite harmony, so as to allow that all prevailing, 'Law of Love' to flow into us.  Otherwise, how can we be open to receive these gifts on offer? 


The 'Law of Love'  will not shower you with its eternal harmonious substance, which will forever surround you, if one does not give over one's attention to that which patiently awaits you there in the Love Corner.  Your pathway must be clear for the 'Law of Love' to act!  Thoughts, Feelings, and one's Actions are what determine how the Law of Love will manifest for you. They must be harmoniously directed by Love, at all times, in order for the Love to flow freely in and around you. It is the Law!

Love is the Supreme Universal Power, so to use the 'Law of Love' means to become all powerful and one with Love. You are the one that must decide unequivocally to become unconditional love and stand firm by your resolution.

Then, and only then will you see and FEEL the wonderful blessings of how the 'Law of Love' has the potential to operate in your life.

Your relationships, work, and finances will rearrange themselves like magic.  You will be an all-powerful magnet that will draw endless possibilities into your world. When one operates from a feeling of an all powerful position of Love, the world around them changes. It is worth every effort to put forth our energy in that direction!


Inspirations by Kathy J, LB

The Spirit (Vibrations) of Absolute Love...

Absolute Love is a Power so Great and a gift so precious upon the Earth; everywhere. It is the weight of the magnitude of Vibrations/Energy.

It never is a waste if used Intelligently.

Absolute Love is true to itself.

Absolute Love is Kind, Direct, Compassionate, Protective,

Fierce, Primal, Pure, Eternally  Infinite and Harmonizing.

Love and Harmony are one. Harmony means Attraction. Love is Attraction.

Love Vibrations are Spiritual Vibrations.


Love's FourSquare Alignment...

Love faces ~ Mind. It must be used Intelligently and with the right use of discrimination. It isn't to be squandered; it is a precious gift to be protected and cherished.  

To the right of Love ~ Life. If Life is not Loved, we do not fully Love; or Love Life or Its creation, fully. *Right side- known for its dominance.

To the left of Love ~ Truth.

Love must be true to itself. Truth is a secondary power for Love, it is always law-abiding because of the harmonious nature Truth brings into manifestation.

Love faces Love ~ LOVE SUSTAINS ALL; it leads all spirit back to the Absolute. 

Love is the fourth aspect within the Great Principle; The Great Law, and the fourth cycle within a complete life cycle.

Links below to FourSquare Corners

"The natural flow of FourSquare follows the Cycle's of Creation.  (It moves counterclockwise.) All Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, and the Eternal Point-- the Point of Power."

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