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We are beyond blessed if we are able to fully understand one of the most powerful tools that makes life a magnificent joy; that tool, that blessing, is Truth. Truth, when properly utilized, brings one great personal peace and harmony. Truth, also the corollary of the ‘Law’, should naturally strive for unity, as “Unity is the law of the Absolute.” Unity with Truth should be our goal in every aspect of this joyous adventure we call Life.

​We, Lightbearers, are fortunate to have been shown how to understand and utilize the Universal Laws. These Laws are building blocks of knowledge; to knowing ThySelf. The Universal Laws show us how to build towards living a conscious, honest, and love~filled life with ourselves as well as with others. It takes discipline and effort to do what is right. When we do, we feel a sense of harmony knowing we have done something to help, heal, and make life better for ourselves as well as our neighbors.

The opposite of Truth is Ignorance. Ignorance most often results in greed and overconsumption, anger, suspicion, jealousy, seeking power for the sake of power, racism, sexism, and narcissistic behavior--all lead to unhealthy practices which ultimately separate us from our Divine Truth and a realistic understanding of the outside world. Truth, would simply tell us we are one, one earth; we are one~ humanity. Truth is responsible for helping one to be the best one can uniquely be. It is the gateway to the evolving Spirit and the only path that leads to authentic Love.


Truth is such a profound weapon against ignorance and hate; its Light scatters the illusional world. Living from Truth will help one fulfill one's destiny, and abundantly maintain one's inner and outer garden. It is not only one's duty to live a Life utilizing Truth-Law, but it's also a privilege to do so. We, Human Beings, are capable of creating a 'true heaven here on earth' if we live consciously utilizing Absolute's all-powerful gifts found in all Life, Mind, Truth/Law, and Love--The Great Law. 


 Inspirations by Steve Barnett LB


The Spirit (Vibrations) of Absolute Truth:

The Absolute Spirit of Truth, means also 'The Law'.

Absolute Truth must first be lived, demonstrated, and put into operation.

Absolute Truth if not lived, it is not Truth.

The Spirit of Truth is not merciful until Love is added.

Absolute Truth always has to face its manifestations.

It is the Absolute Truth of Love.

It knows there is no compromise with the Laws of The Absolute.

Absolute Truth is the Universal Director in the Universal Field of all Creative Potential.

The Vibrations of Truth/Law are Spiritual Vibrations.


Truth's FourSquare Alignment:

Truth faces Life ~ Truth must first be lived.

To the right of Truth is Love ~ Love being its dominant power (it sits to Truth's right). Truth must prove itself to be ardent, compassionate, tender, one with Harmony and Beauty. It is the burning Truth of Love.

To the left of Truth is Mind ~ Truth must be expressed consciously; intelligently formulated--while staying true to its natural functions.

Truth facing Truth ~ Truth GOVERNS. It is the 'Law' in the Universal Field of all Potential Creation. It is what all manifestation in our physical reality is transparently created from. Its job is to be true to the heart, Love. 

Truth is the third aspect within the Great Principle; The Great Law; it is the third cycle in a complete life cycle.

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"The natural flow of FourSquare follows the Cycle's of Creation.  (It moves counterclockwise.) All Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, and the Eternal Point-- the Point of Power."

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