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Universal Life Energy

This Power is the Life Energy of the Universe, the Foundation and Apex of all Existence, the First and most Sublime Manifestation of our Great Mother, Nature Herself. It is that which always was, is, and always will be, changeless as Fundamental Power yet variable in Its Infinite manifestations, Eternal through Time, Infinite through Space, with Its Center always there where you contact It—underlying, pervading, governing, sustaining, and encompassing everything. The existence and the qualities of the Supreme Power, the First Manifestation known to us as the Great Principle, the Causeless Cause Itself, is called Universal Life Energy (ULE). It is also known as Primal Energy.


Through scientific investigation, it was discovered that there is a Universal Force, which may be termed Eternal Energy - Primal Energy - pervading the whole Universe, filling Infinite Space.

If Primal Energy fills Infinite Space for one moment, It becomes at that moment one with Space, and if It is one with Space for one moment, It must be one with Space for Eternity, because there is no place where It can lose Itself. Therefore, by logical reasoning, the Basic Energy of the Universe is found to be Infinite, and at the same time Eternal, has always been and always will be so.

Universal Energy is the Soul of the Universe.

A Ray of It is our own Soul.


Because of It everything in Nature lives. It is in the currents of the earth, in the waves of the ocean, in the strength of the wind, in the heat of the sun, in the soft rays of the moon. Electricity exists because of that Power. Withdraw that Force from anything and that thing would cease to be; it would die. Even the Universe would collapse were that Power withdrawn from it. Universal Life Energy, when in a free condition, is called Life Energy and manifests Itself through motion and vibration [through you]. Everything in this Universe vibrates, moves-- even things which at first sight seem to be entirely motionless.

It is the very essence of everything there is. Not only do Sound, Light, Electricity, Radio waves, etc., derive their power from It, but also all so-called material elements, and objects are found, in their final analysis, to have originated from Universal Life Energy. They are known by different names in accordance with the different aspects under which they appear, although they all come from the same Source. Universal Life Energy is everywhere. Its supply is inexhaustible. Outside of you It is in a condition known as Dynamic Life Energy. Within you, in your Life Center, It is in a static or condensed condition, waiting for you to consciously tap into its all~powerful qualities. It is a Power which will never fail you—a Power great enough to meet every emergency—a Power close enough to be right at hand whenever it is needed. 

Every honest and sincere attempt to rely on

Universal Life Energy is rewarded by growth.

Today we must consciously re-establish the vital connection which we willfully broke. We have minds capable of soaring into the highest regions, but how few of the wonderful thoughts conceived there do we really bring to practical fruition? Potentially the strongest and noblest of Nature’s children, we have become, instead, the weakest and most helpless of all. Why? Simply because the pride and conceit which led us to separate ourselves from Universal Powers, in order that we might be self-sufficient. Our roots are dangling in the air.

When we make contact with Universal Life Energy daily, we build in ourselves a reservoir of our own Universal Life Energy. The more we make conscious contact with It, the stronger a conduit for It we become and thus receive a continual flow of it through ourselves. It is our privilege and our duty to power our lives and consciously exchange it with ‘All’ other living Beings. Universal Life Energy is the Soul of the Eternal ~ The Great Principle.

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