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Universal Life Energy

Welcome to the Universal Life Energy page. Join us as we tap into the teachings of this wondrous life force. Experience the miracles and It's magic that comes as a result of you developing and deepening your conscious connection with Universal Life Energy. 


 I Am ONE with Universal Life Energy; It is flowing through me now, I FEEL IT. It brings out all the priceless treasures of My Soul; it is the Power that heals; it is the Power that enlightens; it is the Power that makes me free; it is the Power that purifies and uplifts me; it brings me back to knowing my birthright. Harmony.



Universal Energy is the Soul of the Universe.

A Ray of It is our own Soul.

Universal Energy is compound Power, physical, mental and Spiritual. It must have channels so as to create. When contact is made, you will feel It through your senses and your Life Channels which are throughout our entire physical body. It then flows to the pituitary body, thus stimulating it, to make contact with the mental aspect of our beings. Then it flows to the pineal gland, and then our Spiritual aspect is contacted. This produces an instantaneous electric connection within the body that emanates from the communication centers of the body. How the contact and connection are made on all three planes, is important. Stay open and align with Its perfection. You were created to be ‘One’ with It. This connection is where the ‘Power’ of manifestation and healing come from--make an accurate connection, on all three planes, the physical, the mental, and the Spiritual and all the elements that configure your intention lineup with your desires.


Every honest attempt to rely on Universal

Energy is rewarded by growth.

When we make contact with Universal Energy daily, we build in us a reservoir of our own Universal Life Energy. The more we make conscious contact with it, we become a conduit for it and thus receive a continual flow of it through ourselves. It is our privilege and our duty to power our lives and consciously exchange it with ‘All’ other living Beings. Universal Life Energy is the Soul of the Eternal ~ The Great Principle.

Light.... It is always equal to its own power when wielding optimal creation in this realm...body, mind, and spirit.

This is why we begin each day with Universal Life Energy. It is the first thing we contact as we step into the consciousness of the ‘here and now’ and enter daily through the gate of our Life Corner  ~ It is the very thing we connect to in order to begin any conscious journey, fulfill a task, or fuel a vision.  It is the very essence which is described as the Holy Spirit and Prana, in many religions. This energy operates in our behalf and on magnificent levels as we exist in physical form. When we consciously utilize its gifts—as I’ve said before, we become unstoppable forces of viable and sustainable energy which in turn make us    conscious creators—the most delicious of all creators, because they create sustainable beauty in all that they do.

Are you ready to take a Universal Life Energy~ 2018 Journey—here we go.

If you wish and can stand and make the contact—that’s wonderful but not necessary – right where you sitting or standing—take off your shoes if possible. Now begin with me by taking normal relaxing breaths. Now turn your left hand up and right hand down—you may wish to close your eyes. Extend your arms out a bit as if you are asking, because that’s what you are doing—make it so, authentic by feeling it. Now take a very deep and relaxing breath and let that go right through your body… acknowledging your body and where it is right NOW in this moment—allowing your body to relax with each small breath you take, beautiful.

Now take another deep breath in and allow your concentration to be conscious of itself…. and let that go with your exhale---acknowledging mind and its perfect function—to observe and use its discretion—judgement is not discretion, it is an obstacle to advancement. Keep breathing and relaxing more without judgement, just allow yourself to be exactly as you are –let it go of any thoughts that are pressing… effortlessly—soften your jaw now, and your face—beautiful, let it go and trust in the Divinity of all you believe in—your Truth. Now, allow these words to flow through you effortlessly, peacefully, and calmly. I am ONE with Universal Life Energy; it is flowing through me now, I can FEEL IT.

Deep breath and open even more to your relaxing–Feel the flow as it starts to download into your body by the magnetic currents that govern your union with It. If you feel only a small tingle of its flow, allow it to grow each time you feel the contact with it. Now allow that flow you are feeling of Universal Life Energy to move to every part of your body—all the way down to your toes—keep allowing your next breaths to take it father through your body—if you can allow a conscious visual to form of that energy moving through your body, allow that to happen—it will be a guiding visual. Now allow your mind to be conscious of any places in your body that needs a bit more directed flow of Universal Life energy—with your mind (because a part of its purpose is to discern and direct concentrated thought)  direct the flow bringing more relaxation, ease and grace into that or those particular parts of your body. Feel the Universal Life Energy fill those spaces bringing more ease and grace to this space in you.

With your next breath, release and soften completely the front of your body, your chest and heart area—allow it to open even wider from the presence of Universal Life Energy flowing through you now. Feel the top of your head, your crown open and now visualize the flow of pure Universal Life Energy pouring down into your body. Now place your right hand anywhere on your body that may need healing presently. If you don’t have a particular area of your body you would like the flow pin-pointedly directly to, place your right hand on your Solar Plexus area of your body—right across the center of your stomach area-spread your fingers over the area. Allow the flow to fill this area, clearing all dis-ease, dis-comfort, or stagnant energy from it. Allow this flow to clear your body NOW—allow the flow to fill you even more with every breath. Allow your consciousness to expand

Now allow Universal Life Energy to flow through your body freely and effortlessly filling every cell of your body from wherever your hand is placed. Allow that energy to flow-fill every organ of your body will its magnificent Spirit. Now take the hand that is placed on your body (your right hand) and turn it downward, like the left hand is-- allow this pure energy that is flowing you now to flow down upon the one thing that we know is for certain, sustains our Life—the Earth. Allow the flow of Universal Life Energy to flow with a directed conscious thought of Great Gratitude for those gifts of sustainability which we receive daily. Now turn both of your palms towards the World, see your family in front of you as the flow flows through and around them and now see it flow beyond them and into your communities, out over your town or city. Now all around the country you live in….just feel the flow flowing through you. Now using your mental ray of pure thought, visualize it covering the whole globe. Allow it to flow from the Earth out into space….feel it move freely through you all the way to infinity. Now, feel the depth of Eternity. Take a deep breath and as you allow the breath to be released, release a loving intention for the whole World. Now allow that flow to continue as you rise in all aspects of your being and float there for a moment—knowing you are connected to everything and safe in this expanded state…relax…remember…become. Now, before you come back into your body fully—wiggle your toes and move your fingers although they may tingle. Come back into the space your being is occupying in this earthly realm. Breathe normally, calmly, and peacefully. Go in Peace, knowing you are a magnificent part of the Light. Blessings.