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The sum of all Life  ~is the One Life, the Great Principle, the Absolute, commonly referred to as God. We are a ray of that Aspect, that Absolute, experiencing Life. The seed was planted in Spirit. The seed put down roots. The eternal became physical. We came here to be conscious, to experience, to explore, to create. You created you and asked others to line up and assist in that Creation. What do you want your Life to be?


Life is more than existence, being, living. Life is Creation—it’s about creating the dream. The Life corner is the beginning. Everything is brand new. It’s about innocence and simplicity, rebirth, adaptation, and evolution. 


The Life corner is about frequency and energy. Everything is made up of energy vibrations. Energy is eternal. Our bodies are the physical manifestations of Life; [the Dream]. Our bodies are a collective source of vibrating frequencies. Life depends on energy to create and consistently sustain it. Breath is the energy for our physical bodies. It sustains us on this earth. The moment you took your first breath your soul took on all the elements and frequencies of the Universe.


Life presents opportunity. There is no competition in Life; we are each on an individual journey. There is a constant flow of energy in every direction of Life. Everything is transforming all the time, with an energetic force. Wherever you may be, you are in the evolutionary cycle of Life. The Eternal aspect of you is an Eternal flame living here in physical form.


We were born perfect. The only things we need to fix are the shattered illusions and perceptions we have unwittingly acquired. Make a conscious connection with Joy. The moment you set a Joyful thought in motion and put action and emotion behind it, you raise your vibrating frequency. Life creates what one’s Truth governs and the power of the Eternal will sustain it.


Many on this plane are still in the state of the planted seed, buried in the soil of Spirit, still waiting for the warmth and light of consciousness to reach them. Those who grow and bloom, who work to achieve a higher level of consciousness, will be the living example to help others to awaken.


Inspirations by Debra Barnett LB

The Absolute Aspects of The Spirit (Vibrations) of Life:

Life is the first aspect within the Absolute Great Principle; The Great Law.

Life is not Life unless it is conscious of itself first.

Absolute Life is a Life creatively lived.

Life is always true to its Absolute mission, and true to it within self.

Absolute Life is Eternal through Inspirational and Harmonious Spirit/ Vibrations.​

Life Vibrations are Magnetic Vibrations.


Life's FourSquare Alignment:

Life faces- Truth ~ Its first Eternal duty is 'to live' Its Truth.

To the right of Life-Mind ~ Life must be conscious of its own existence, operations, actions, achievements, duties, and goals. *Right side- known for its dominance.

To the left of Life-Love ~ For a Life to be Eternal, it must actively, and consciously live a Loving Life through Harmonious Vibrations. *The heart organ side of the body; the symbol of Love.

Life facing Life ~ Life Creates LIFE. It does so, presently, within the dualistic nature of our world.

Life is the first cycle in a complete life cycle.

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"The natural flow of FourSquare follows the Cycle's of Creation.  (It moves counterclockwise.) All Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, and the Eternal Point-- the Point of Power."




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