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What Is


Love can only Love.

Life can only Live.

Truth can only be True.

Mind, however, can choose.

The mystery of our mind and of Mind is where we fall, rise, maintain, and exist. As we seek to understand our different levels of mind it can be like seeing ourselves from afar. We are never afar. We are not separated, any more than the top of a mountain is separate from its base or just as the ocean is still the ocean whether it be the waves hitting upon the beach or its swift currents 100 miles deep. We seek to separate everything, even our bodies into organized separate activities, independent from one another. Need I say “Specialist”? 

Now that is the mind's doing.


Our nature seems to want to not only label everything but put it into a neat little package. Thus, we think this gives us “knowledge” and “control”. Here lie the illusions we so creatively create. The ability of our minds to deny, ignore, forget, discount, judge is without limit. Now, what is this “without limit” ability? Yes, you can twist and turn and flip ideas that are tied with emotion as if there is no way out, up or in. And yes, we can create such an internal storm that it appears to absolutely destroy our vision of self, joy, harmony, peace of mind and acceptance. Just as our imaginary Star War heroes fight the dark side with the Light Saber of Truth – Lightbearers have that same Divine ability.

We CAN CHOOSE to direct our minds in a Lighter Way. We CAN CHOOSE to light each corner with The Light of our Awareness, of Our Being on the Way in Life. You CAN CHOOSE the Way of The Lightbearer: Live Light, Travel Light, Spread the Light and BE the Light!

Inspirations by Barry Wright LB 

The Absolute Aspects of The Spirit (Vibrations) of Mind:

It is the Judge who shall learn to judge rightly.

Mind, the Organizer. It is perfection in its Absolute simplicity.

Absolute Mind utilizes 'Proper Perspective'. 

Absolute Mind strives to understand Truth and Love so it can live Intelligently and Harmoniously.

· In its Absolute form, Mind operates as one complete ray of light; one with The Great Principle Absolute Intelligence. In our present state of human consciousness; on this, the Relative Plane which governs Matter, Mind has three aspects and their activities of consciousness to process and navigate through, in order to achieve Universal Intelligence--Infinite Mind: The Unconscious or    Subconscious, The Selfconscious or Consciousness, and The Superconscious or Higher Self-- The Real Self.​

Mind Vibrations are Mental/Thought Vibrations.


Mind's FourSquare Alignment:

Mind faces Love ~ Mind's Eternal duty is to fist express Love and then use discernment.

To the right of Mind-Truth ~ It must always be true to the Truth. Truth is the Law.

To the left of Mind-Life ~ Mind must operate and express activity intelligently. It is equivalent too or equals the sum of what it creates.

Mind-facing-Mind~ Mind

CONSTITUTES.  It is the first thing we should apply to any problem or task.

Mind is the second cycle in a complete life cycle.

Links below to FourSquare Corners

"The natural flow of FourSquare follows the Cycle's of Creation.  (It moves counterclockwise.) All Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, and the Eternal Point-- the Point of Power."



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