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The Three Laws Of The Absolute
The Immutable Laws
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The One Great Law defined as The Three Immutable Laws of The Absolute are as follows: 


  • Life, Mind, Truth, and Love, known as the Law of Spirit are One Law. 

  • The Great Law governs everything, everywhere in the same way, from the greatest star down to the smallest electron.

  • Everything is Vibration. 




The Great Law and the FourSquare are Identical.

The Great Principle, the Absolute, is all Life, all Mind, all Truth, all Love, all Spirit. All there 'Is', is contained in the Great All~ The Absolute. It is the Alpha and the Omega. If we apply that Law, the Law of Life, the Law of Mind, the Law of Truth, and the Law of Love, to all problems of our daily life, we work out all the perfection we can ever aspire to. Through the understanding of the most powerful tool, The FourSquare, we build up the Pyramid of our own life and reach the 'Point of Spirit' as much as we can, as we experience free will. It is Its work, The Great Principle's, as much as ours because It is working through us. The Great Law manifests itself through countless smaller laws. The FourSquare Symbol and Its Principles are the most powerful blueprint to guide one in Its understanding.

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The Great Law can be used in a practical way in the Relative Realm. The FourSquare Principle taught in the Science of Being Teachings, is the symbol for the Great Law; it is one of the most powerful symbols in the Universe. It is the symbol that unlocks the door to the mysteries of the Great Law and how It operates in our lives, through our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. The FourSquare is within the Great Law The FourSquare and the Great Law are one through Its components and aspects.


The FourSquare is also referred to, in the Science of Being teachings, as The Law of Spirt and The Four Corners of Soul.

Learning Tool: FourSquare Teachings page


It Governs

Everything The Same


"As It is on the highest plane, so It is on the lowest."


The Wonderful simplicity of that Universal Law is that there is but ONE LAW which underlies all other laws, operates on all planes, and expresses itself through everything, always in the same way. The formation and governance of all things are based on that ONE LAW.


The Sum of All Beings, The One Being, Is The Absolute --the Great Principle governs humans, plants, animals, all spirit, worlds, or stars by the same Great Law-- equally and in the same way. EQUITY is the second governing aspect of The Great Law.


Note: 'Importance' is a mental construct that provokes the vibrations that govern The Law of Rhythm and The Law of Polarity. 







Is it possible that Vibrations are Eternal? They will be as they always have been. Spirit Itself communicates through vibrations. The whole Universe is but VIBRATION. We experience our senses through vibrations. Everything is created by vibrations and is maintained by vibrationsThere are different rates of vibrations, infinite varieties of them. Always communicating their own true message. Even the Absolute everything is vibration. 




"All we have to do is to be conscious, open channels for the Great Law to operate through us to unfold the miraculous in our lives."

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