The FourSquare

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"The Corner of the Soul is Life, another Corner is Mind, another Corner is

Law/Truth, and another Love. All united in One, or Spirit, is the Soul."  ~Advanced Teachings~Science of Being.

The FourSquare Principle

The FourSquare Principle harmonizes the nature of one's Spirit with their Higher Self, the Real Self ~The SOUL. If properly realized, it will consciously align one fully with the all~powerful aspects of The Great Law. The FourSquare, being the first aspect of the Great Law, is the ultimate path to one becoming an optimal conscious creator. One, who is able to create according to the operation of the Great Law and Its Principles, creates effortlessly and sustainably in the here and now. The FourSquare guides you to harmonize yourself, to be one, with the true Nature of all things and to move effectively through the cycles of one's life. 

There has never been, on this planet, anything more simple, more direct, and more practical than the 'map' of the FourSquare. In this World of illusions, we can only be sure of the FourSquare. It is one of the biggest Truths in existence. We begin the FourSquare in the corner of Life; then Mind; then Truth; then the corner of Love--all culminates into one's living Spirit, in its physical form. Everything in Nature expresses itself according to the FourSquare Principle. It is a map of The Grand Architect's plan for the whole of Creation; it is Eternal. It is the condensation of all the Laws. The FourSquare is how one's embodied Soul consciously navigates the Universal Field of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge, and all Creation. It will help to assist you to form an optimal and sustainable 'whole being', as you live Life. The FourSquare Principle is 'The Path' to one's true inner peace and freedom, here on this plane of existence

To be FourSquared is a gift one gives to Self and to the World. When FourSquared, you have become the internal and external designer and director of your own reality. You have mastered your own scripts and know how to write them. With mastery, you know the Power and the Laws that operate in the Universal Field of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge; all Creation and you know how to efficiently and optimally utilize them. The Universal Laws and the alchemy of Nature are one with you. Your manifested reality is your manifesto. 

"It is the very blueprint

of the Universe and

one's all~powerful and all~knowing Soul." 

"Our Pyramid of Life started almost immediately after we appeared on this planet. Our progress has been due entirely to inspiration coming from our Higher Self...  The Higher Self is a Light at the top of the pyramid, shining down and benefitting that through which it goes. It is more than a light."

The Quest for Soul ~ Eugene Fersen

and the Quest for the Soul

"Our incarnation would produce almost no effect if it were not for the Law of Evolution. The FourSquare is the Eternal Foundation of Life Itself."

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"The natural flow of FourSquare follows the Cycle's of Creation.  (It moves counterclockwise.) All Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, and the Eternal Point-- the Point of Power."


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