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What Is


Spirit is All in All, Spirit emanates All and All returns to It, Forms are animated by Spirit Because Spirit is Alive,

Spirit always cares, whether we care or not, Because Spirit is Love Eternal, And Love being true to Itself, Can do no less than BE only LOVE,

Spirit is Always Creating, Because it does not tolerate stasis,

Spirit communicates thru Vision, Seeing Form, and the progression of Form into the world of time,

Spirit Sees at once from 360 Degrees, Knowing Past, Present, and Future, Upon its state of Life in the world of Form, Itself being Formless, Itself having no Past or Future, Itself Living NOW only and Always,

Spirit sees into the world of Time, The world of causes and effects, Yet Spirit is Timeless, Spirit has no effects, Spirit is Causeless

Spirit does not Judge a thing, as less than or more than, An attribute known only from the world of time and duality, Spirit also does not condemn a thing, It only Loves unceasingly,

Spirit Communicates thru Inspiration, Endowing the listener from the world of form, With awareness, Light of Insight, Empowerment, and Healing,

Thus, do we move through the Secondary world of Creation, Living in a world of Duality, As Two-legged, to go toward a thing or away from it. In the Two-eyed systems known as Human Being Or as Huwoman, That judges whether to go this way or that, or to Believe in this thing or Believe that other thing.

The Huwoman Being that Carries with the two arms, To give or to take, Or to hold with Love,

Yet from this world, can we Behold the Formless, In the Stillness, where there is no in-between,

Yet in the Stillness, can we Rise to Non-Judgment, Leave beliefs behind, Behold our Soul that never judged us,

So to perceive Truth in its Purest Light, We must Open Mind to Spirit, thru Love Eternal, Love that never left us, Which has forever Held us and Beheld us, From Forever in No Time

Inspirations By Margaret Sue Turner Wright LB

All Spirit (Vibrations)...

...are Spiritual matter organized on Its own plane; according to Its own Laws; keeping true to Itself on all planes as It exists in all Its many forms—always maintaining alignment with The Great Law.

...the vibrational results, immaculately imprinted on the template of one's Spirit-- All Life, Mind, Truth, and Love. These vibrations are Eternal and unique to one's evolution. ‘one’ with the Absolute Principle when properly and optimally realized on the Material (Relative) Plane.

...the All-inclusive 'Principle' from which everything proceeds and to which it finally returns. Humanity working from the Foursquare through Life, Mind, Truth, and Love to its own absolute apex.

...cycle--Eternally evolves.


Spirit's FourSquare Alignment:

Spirit 'CONTAINS' the vibrational results of All Life, Mind, Truth, and Love. These vibrations are Eternal to one's unique evolution.


The four sides must be harmoniously equal and balanced; None must fail or dominate the others. 


Through Eternity, All Life, Mind, Truth, and Love are attracting what they bring forth through one's creative life force and the Laws that govern them. What we give creative intention to, we apply the Spirit of Life, Mind, Truth, Love, also; which result in vibrations.


When all four corners are in alignment with the Laws, a consummation of perfect harmony is vibrationally activated, from all sides, coming together to UNIFY at one Point of Power.

Conscious or not, Spirit with all Its governing Laws manifests relative matter, based on the aspects of energy one has internally and externally woke through one's intentions. Intention + Will Power + Action = Relative Matter; One's living Reality. 

Links below to FourSquare Corners

"The natural flow of FourSquare follows the Cycle's of Creation.  (It moves counterclockwise.) All Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, and the Eternal Point-- the Point of Power."

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