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Universal Laws

There are seven laws in the present state of human consciousness which govern this World. Of those seven laws, three are Eternal and Immutable Laws of the Absolute, and four are transitory, Mutable Laws of the Relative. These Laws, along with the Law of Love and the Law of Evolution makes nine Laws --this includes all Immutable and Mutable Laws. 

Life, Mind, Truth, and Love, known as the Law of Spirit, are One Law. 

The Great Law governs everything, everywhere in the same way... from the greatest star down to the smallest electron.

Everything is Vibration.


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This sequence is an elegant equation; it is both Scientific and Spiritual.


This knowledge will show you (through awareness and understanding of the Mutable and Relative Laws of the Universe), how Life, Mind, Truth, Love, and Spirit are expressed though the Mutable Laws, here on Earth, on the plane that governs relative matter.

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Two Additional Laws Absolute

Two Additional Laws of the Absolute

Although direct emanations from, and comprehended in, the first of the Laws of the Absolute, the Law of Love/Attraction and the Law of Evolution, are given separately, to emphasize the fact that no matter how strong the Negative, with its transitory laws, may appear to us, the Positive, with its Eternal Laws, is nevertheless Supreme. It is the Beginning and the End of everything. As written in the Science of Being Teachings.

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