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The 'Point of Power' is not a finite point.  It is the results of one being energetically FourSquared Body, Mind, and Spirit. Igniting the 'Point of Power' is an energetic connection between the harmonized 'whole being' in its FourSquare aspects--All Life; All Mind; All Truth; All Love contained in All Spirit with the dynamic forces of The Universe. If one's Spirit is aligned, it will bring you into a direct and conscious contact with the Eternal and Its realms. When practiced it will open you up to the Universal Field of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge; all Creation. The Universal Field is made up of radical currents of magnetic creative forces that pervade all space and time. These gravitational currents seek to align you with 'like energy' by way of attraction (the Law of Love). Everything in existence in Spirit form, is also a magnetic and gravitational field unto itself.

"Truth is the Director in the Universal Field."

Reaching the 'Point of Power' begins with one having a direct experience of awareness that moves and INSPIRES one's Spirit. When the balancing forces of the FourSquared frequency and vibrations are reached, it creates an opening to the vibrational field of higher octaves. Understanding how these realms operate through you, will allow you to consciously direct yourself to your desired target in the Universal Field of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge; all Creation.  The 'Point of Power' is the ascension of one’s living Spirit. It defines, through one's energy, how one's inner intentions naturally create one's outer world. As you progress through the octaves, a ‘Light’-ness is felt in the body energy centers. This feeling is the gravity of negative charges of energy losing their pull and influence-over you. This is where the force from obstructing pendulums, governed by the Law of Rhythm, lose their magnetic power and adherence to one's own precious Mental, Creative, and Life Force Energies. Embodying the majestic Great Law, and Its Eternal Wisdom of the FourSquare, on all levels of awareness--Body, Mind, and Spirit, is to become one with the pendulum of one's own Soul.

"The 'Point of Power' is your 'Spark' of Creation in the

Universal Field of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge; all Creation.."


We are immersed in a living field of vibrational potential and its collective and all-knowing information. When the FourSquare aspects of one’s 'whole being'-- All Life, Mind, Truth, and Love, in their culminated form Spirit, are emitting optimal vibrations, it ignites an optimal spark of creation in the Universal Field of all... Creation. Wherever you are, you are broadcasting energy from the past into a probable future, which lands as one's reality in the Ever Present Now.

Universal Life Energy (ULE) is the fuel that keeps all things in the Universe thriving and striving to BE. We are Universal Life Energy. Universal Life Energy pours out Its life-giving force to all living things, lovingly, effortlessly, and with out discrimination. It is the force that ignites stars, births worlds, and feeds all living things with Inspiration. As Universal Life Energy flows, it resonates, measures, and quantifies one's Creative, Life, and Mental Forces. One's feelings, thoughts, words, truth, and the way one Loves or does not create energetic alchemy within the 'Universal Field'. The 'Universal Field' of all Creative Potential; all Knowledge; all Creation is in constant contact with the intentions of one's 'whole Being' through the natural flow of one's own Life Energy Vibrations. By what measure those vibrations are made manifest, here in the Relative Realm, will be defined by the dynamic unified forces of one's own level of Life Energy, and how that is imprinted and translated in the 'Universal Field' by way of Universal Life Energy.


The 'Universal Field' mirrors back to this realm of existence, how one reads the map and walks the balancing forces of 'The Path' of The FourSquare. If intention leads the way in the 'Universal Field', your Life, Mind, Truth, and Loving vibrations ultimately decide your reality, conscious of it or not.  Practice consciously and energetically building up to the 'Point of Power' within your own Being.

 A collaborative Inspiration by Steve W, LB and Laura Taylor Jensen AHLB-Director Lightbearers World Center

The Point of Power...

...reads a true transcription of one's inner intentional energy in the Ever Present Now. the connection point between the point of origin of the emanation of Spiritual Energy meeting with the 'Field of all Creative Potential, All Knowledge, All Creation. The 'Field' reads vibration as it is in it authentic state. matched with a reciprocal vibration that fits its proper and equal manifested response from the 'Field'.

... an undeniable feeling and connection when consciously created.

...Its cycle is the Liberation of Spirit in Matter form.

The Point of Power's FourSquare Alignment :

~ A culmination of the FourSquare corners of one's Soul, harmonized as one Great Law through one Great Spirit; emitting a vibrational Force of energy, so accurately designed, that when it makes contact with the Universal Field of All Potential; All Knowledge; and All Creation, it is manifested as it is inscribed by one's four corners of Soul.

~ The place that creates between the worlds, as we have understood them in our present state of human consciousness

~ Where the 'Awake Dreamers' consciously dream in their Destiny and the sleeping dreamers live their lives by fate.

~ The Higher Self, the Real Self has a direct and powerful connection to the Point of Power, Universal Life Energy, and the Universal Field. 

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"The natural flow of FourSquare follows the Cycle's of Creation.  (It moves counterclockwise.) All Life, Mind, Truth, Love, Spirit, and the Eternal Point-- the Point of Power."

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