This is the official website for the Lightbearers Organization —
we are an International Educational,
Scientific, Non-Sectarian, Non-Political, Humanitarian Organization that was founded on December 14, 1921 by Eugene Fersen

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What Is



Point of Power is...

...the point of one's Spirit in perfect Harmony and Unity with the flow of the Divine Spirit.

...a direct vibrational connection of inner and outer intention.

...Unstoppable energy manifested, and in creative motion--It can be directed.

....the ultimate 'Manifester' of sustainable matter.

...perfect harmony from all sides of one's own unique FourSquare in relationship with its own, as well as the Great Principle's, divine plan.

...comes from the Intelligent Heart. It is Wisdom in all its understanding. There is no language for It. It is an undeniable unforgettable experience.

...Its cycle is the Liberation of Spirit; Surrendering.

The Point of Power's FourSquare Alignment :

~ Is an ignition of Harmonic Vibrations. 

~ The Creator of sustainable energy, and sustainable creation.

~ It is a direct flow of harmonized energy coming from each corner to the foundation of one's living Spirit meeting equally synched with the flow from the Point of Power downward to the earth plane.

~ The direct culmination of all the corners harmonized as One with the Eternal.

~ The place that exists between the worlds as we have understood them. 

~ Universal Life Energy flows freely in this space.

~ Access to a filed of energy where all things exist and are Harmonized as One.

~ The God Architect Point of Power only the Higher Self, the Real Self can connect to.

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