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Teachings on the Wisdom of  Love  

The last word – Love – although most thought of it in a certain way, is the one most desired and yet the least understood. Very few people understand the meaning of even the word Love; much less do they know anything of the Power back of that word. For the word is after all but the temporary expression of something which is Eternal.

Every word we use is a temporary concept of reality far beyond human understanding of it. Each word can have a superficial or a deep meaning depending on the individual use of it but is mere sound in the majority of cases.

Yet, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Everything that which was made was made through the Word, for the Word the Fiat, the Commandment, “Let there be Light.” It is the expression of the Unmanifest, the Effect of the Eternal Great and Mysterious Cause – Our Father [Creator].

If it is difficult for us to analyze the mystery behind a word, it is far more difficult to understand the Power of which the word is in expression.

Love being such an all-embracing word, stands for an infinitely greater Power back of it; and if we are to attempt to analyze it, all we can do is analyze what the word is, the Power is beyond human understanding now.

There are so many interpretations of Love because it is most difficult to understand even human Love, in our present state of consciousness.

We are triune beings at present – Life, Mind, and Law-Truth – combined in one – and belong to three dimensions at best. The majority of people do not even understand these yet and are hardly more than one-dimensional. Mind is one dimensional to start, single tracked, and expands as it learns its lessons.

Mind was first as in the condition of a cloud. For a cloud there is  only one certain purpose, to produce rain, there is no other value  to the cloud, when the cloud condenses, we have rain or snow.  Similarly, with the human Mind, as it begins to condense, it forms  single drops.  

As normal human growth proceeds, the single tracked Mind  becomes broad-minded and finally deep-minded – wise. That is  as far as anyone can go now, for after that, comes the Fourth  Dimension, which is outside human comprehension, and in the  corner of the Fourth Dimension is located Love. There is the  shrine where the Power of the Infinite is represented in its  Greatest Aspect.


Love being Number 4 includes also 1, 2, and 3. It is the Law and the fulfillment of the Law, for only in Love can we find both the Cause and Effect manifested in One – Completely. Only in Love can be found that marvelous Divine Rule of Multiplication. Because multiplication is represented today by the sign - X - and X also is symbolizing the Unknown, the Mystery of the Eternal, we can understand why Love is the Greatest Mystery.

Because of that, the greatest sorrows we have in life come through our misunderstanding of Love. How can we understand Love properly? We can’t, for to understand that which is outside the human range of perception is impossible. When we didn’t have powerful telescopes with which to explore the vastness of Space, many things we saw in the firmament at night were mysteries. The more we are able to expand our powers, to investigate, the more we are able to push away the limitations and extend the range of our understanding. We can see millions of light years into Space now, only because we have the means to do so.

If you wish to explore the ground, you have to have a tool, a spade or even the hands, with which to dig. Today we use all kinds of scientific tools to do that exploring, but the principle is the same.

Can we at present penetrate into the corner of Love? No! We are outside it, and no human being in the Third Dimension can enter into the corner of Love, The Fourth Dimension, we haven’t the tools yet. What we are now forging is the tool with which to dig into that corner.

The spade will work properly only if its material is of the right kind; it must be homogenous and strong. We have to amalgamate the three corners to make a perfect spade, with our Will Power as the handle; by which that spade is used. For we cannot properly use a spade without a handle.

Our Will Power is that handle, and we have to use it. That is why it is so important to develop our Will Power in order to make use of that wonderful tool, the triangle, to dig into the ground of Love. Love is not the seed; it is the ground in which the seed is planted. Love is represented by Mother Earth.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

The Earth was born first, and then later seeds were formed. The chemical elements in the Earth being those needed by the seed in order to grow. The Earth chemically speaking is our Mother. If we take loving care of the Earth, it produces wonderful results, if we neglect it, we get only weeds.

We cannot abuse the Earth [Our Mother] and escape the consequences. It has been estimated that seventy-five percent of the cultivated land in the United States today has already been ruined, offering a major problem for the coming generations to correct that condition. The urge so many have today to go back to the country is because they are unconsciously attracted by the need of the Earth for care, and this is how the Great Law works to bring that care where needed.

It is the same with Love. There was a time when people loved in an instinctive way. Being in the corner of Life, those primitive people were closer to the corner of Love than we are today. For we start with Love in going around the FourSquare, and end with Love. The Power of Attraction existed before Life. The ancient Greeks said of Eros, the God of Love, that he was the oldest of the Gods, and yet and eternal youth.

In days gone by people were more or less instinctively expressing Love; were loving yet unaware of it, but since we can’t appreciate something, we are unaware of, we had to go through ages of awakening for the mind to become aware. As Mind was developed there started to come the realization of Law-Truth, when Law is brought into the fullest expression in our lives, then will we enter the Age of Love.

We cannot enter the Age of Love unless we’ve prepared the triangle of Life, Mind, and Law-Truth. No human being can enter the Realm of Love, who has not passed through those preparatory stages. That has never been explained before on this planet, for the FourSquare was always a mystery, the revelation for the few, but a secret to the masses. Yet, human beings always instinctively realized that Squareness is important, for they used it in ever direction through without understanding the power of it.

Brutal Power came first, then the cold light of Mind, and last, Law, which should mean Liberation, but Ignorance aroused Fear. Humans are afraid of complications, unconsciously they sense that a Law of Nature cannot be fooled, cannot be bargained with or whitewashed. Human beings do not realize that they should not compromise, and yet they do so all the time.

That is why Humanity has not and cannot enter into the Sacred Realm of Love. We can only prepare by adjusting the other three corners; must learn to be optimistic, to see the negative yet say, that in spite of the wrong, we can try to do right. It is the logical process of Unfoldment.

Unfortunately, those who are in a position to lead, not understanding Love, do more damage in trying to teach Love than do those who don’t try to teach Love. They claim that the wrong is not so bad, instead of rising above it. All those who were the true Friends of Humanity – the bigger or lesser ones – they all insisted on one thing necessary for success in life – Wisdom. Wisdom, often called Common Sense, means a balanced sense. They realized that unless human beings try to be wise – to be three-dimensional, they could not succeed in anything. The more you go to the Law-Truth, the deeper you go in developing your mind, and at the bottom of your Mind you realize the Law and the value of the Law. That is Wisdom.

When Law is expressed more and more in our life, when we become closer and closer to it, we realize that “Not my will, but Thy Will be done.” As we grow in that depth of Law-Truth we find at the bottom of it, Love, the greatest manifestation of Law and its fulfillment.

There are no short cuts across the plane of the FourSquare. We have to go through all those other corners; those numbered 1, 2, and 3 in order to reach the 4th. We must follow that path; yet so rare that we call it wisdom. Often among the uneducated we find Wisdom, for Wisdom does not depend on education. Tolstoy, who liked to live among the peasants did so because he found wisdom among them which he never found among his own people, because they figured things out through experience.

In former days, the Wealth and progress were built by the younger generation using the Experience and Wisdom of the older. That is not the modern way of thinking, and we in North America exaggerated that to the nth degree; we have become a people who absolutely disregard wise advice, especially if it comes from the elders.

But humans are going to someday learn their lesson, and it will be a mighty hard one. The True Friends of Humanity were wise; they were so close to Love, that they were illuminated in its glowing rays.

As we start to go around the corner of Law, we begin to perceive Love, but not until then. From behind the limitations of the three-dimensional world we begin to see that Sun of Love rising, and its rays will embrace and guide us as we approach the Fourth Corner until we become One with it. The Wisdom, which lies at the bottom of Law-Truth, is already illumined by the Sun of Love.

The Moon has no power of light in itself, its light is all derived from the Sun; that light is modified, made more gentle, yet it has a tremendous effect on the Earth. The Sun is the power back of the Light; the Moon is the corner on which the Sun Shines.

It is the same as we approach Wisdom, for the corner of Law is “THE LIGHTBEARER.” We, the Lightbearers, are now starting to teach from the corner of Law-Truth, leaving the corner of Mind to the scientists. For we are now fulfilling that prophecy of 2000 years ago, “The Eternal Father will send you the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, Law which will teach you all things.” Jesus could never have said, “I will send,” for that would have put him above God. Who can send the Great Law but the Eternal? Jesus knowing, and always said, “I can do nothing of myself, but what the Father does I can do also.”

SoB - Large_edited.png

We Lightbearers are fulfilling that prophecy in the corner of Law-Truth. We are like the Moon reflecting the Light from the Sun of Love to the Earth; we give that Light we receive to Humanity, and it is continually replenished. We are the Moon to Humanity, sending them the gentle Light into the Darkness of Today, to make it less dark.

The Moon’s Light is sufficient for the Night, but when The Day will come then the Sun will be the ruling power, which will embrace all the world in the warm folds of its Love. Moon’s rays are cool, not freezing us, but also not scorching us, as would the rays of the Sun; they are gentle, as symbolized by the gentle flame of our Light of Inspiration.

That explains why human beings have so much trouble in loving. As humans cannot really love, as they should, the best they can do is to express it in a subdued way – a friendly way. Goodwill is the finest expression today of Love. It does not seek anything for its own use; it is generous.

How can we talk of Friendship? Today people are friend, tomorrow – enemies. Humans have to learn the lesson of Love, and it is the last because it is the most important and the hardest lesson of all. We are amongst the few who teach it the proper way, we the Lightbearers also have it clearly defined in our Commandment. Love, the last corner, makes out of the triangle that wonderful figure “The FourSquare,” Eternal Harmony.

Written by Eugene Fersen—1946

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