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The Message

of The Lightbearers to the world

“Express in every act of yours All Energy, Intelligence, Truth, and Love…”

    We had to condense in a very few words our message – not what we believe, but what we want others to know. It is great to believe but it is greater to share that belief in the form of knowledge.

    Religions have creeds, the 'word' means 'I believe', not 'I know', for they never dared to say I know. We know – we do not claim to know all, there is only One who knows all, the Eternal. No one else will ever know all, but we will always be in the process of knowing more of all. What we know we want to share, for we are not Lightkeepers, but Lightbearers.

    The very activity expressed in the word shows the principle of sharing, which is an eternal principle. Our Father shares his Life, Intelligence, Law, and Love with us. Our Father gives us exactly fifty percent of everything; that is why we should give fifty percent to the world, if we wish to be like the Eternal. That is why fifty-fifty appeals so to us, it is an Eternal condition.

    The Universal, the Eternal created us in the exact tangible counterpart of its intangible nature. Fifty-fifty, fifty plus fifty makes one hundred, one with countless O's symbolizes Eternity; the Eternal backing up its unity.

    We don’t say the word to believe and be saved, we TELL them, which is entirely different.

    The word is the first activity of our Father – Express. We could not know there is a Father but for his expression. No credo ever starts with that for no blind belief can be scientific. In the first word we unite ourselves with the Eternal Activity. Express – don’t hold back.

    How can we reconcile the first word with, ‘I thought of talking, but was afraid they wouldn’t understand…’ Is that expressing? Remember, Express has two strange letters at the beginning and end – E and S. There is a whole world in that one word Express:

E for Eternal and S for Savior.

    The Eternal is the Savior – the only Savior – there is no other.


    You see, my friends, if you only knew how much you have in every word of that constitution; how much there is of secret meaning, how many potent symbols. Our book and constitution cannot be read; they must be studied and pondered, then only will you understand how sacred is our constitution. This is the constitution for the whole of Humanity, for those here on Earth and for those no more, for the visible and the invisible worlds.


Messages explaining aspects of our Constitution reads as follows: 

"In every act of yours..."

    Here is the word “In.” I spoke to you of those who are out, we say to the world – In. We don’t want them out – we want them In – included in that circle of Light, of every increasing luminosity. Inside sacred walls, not outside, is where they belong. It is only human beings who deliberately put themselves outside.

    That is why when the disciples of Jesus, with the exception of John, deserted him, they went outside the inner circle of teachings and never got back. No matter how they regretted, how they tried to atone they could not, and this is why each of them died a violent death. Religions try to hold their deaths in martyrdom as a credit to them, but those deaths showed the Great Law had discredited them. The only one who remained faithful, John, died a normal death. There is proof that the Great Law credited John, but discredited the unfaithful.

    That is why the teachings of Jesus have been so perverted, because all except John had lost their place in the inner circle and could not regain it no matter how they tried. John begins his Gospel with the Word of the Eternal, not with Jesus. That is why the Religion of today is not the Religion of the Apostles, or of Jesus. The best that is in it can be traced to Paul, who was not a disciple of the living Jesus, but who never betrayed him. He never heard the Teacher, however, and could only repeat from hearsay.

    What a tragedy…If only those disciples would not have placed themselves Out, there probably would have been true Religion on Earth; but those first channels closed themselves. We tell Humanity you are In.

“Every act…”

    “Every” comes from ever, standing that is for Eternity. We are all supposed to be in for eternity. We will none of us reach Harmony until the last one through countless incarnations will be born again In and stay In. The majority are born in, but at the end of their life find they have stayed out.

    You have no idea how sad it is to be able to perceive things as I do. To see people on the street, young and old and to say – Out, out, out, out, in, out, out, out, in – It is terrible, because you do not want to feel so many are out, and so few are in. They are our brothers, our companions; co-prisoners in that concentration camp of the subconscious, surrounded by the barbed wire of our own short comings.

    Sometime the day of liberation will come, but not yet, for we are still under the rule of the world. It is sad indeed to see so many out, and so few in.

    Act – without activity there can be no life, for life is activity, motion is the first corner of the FourSquare. Be active forever in every direction. Be true to that principle of life expressing through activity, in the physical place, by activity on the mental plane, and by activity on the spiritual plane, by threefold activity.

“Of yours…”

    That message is to the world, and because we give it to the world it is supposed to be theirs. We do not say “ours” but “yours.” We should always remember that though we are students of Science of Being, we are teachers to the world. It is therefore our privilege to say “yours” and not “ours.”

    It is a sign of modesty; you place them in their own eyes ahead of you. If one says “ours," one puts oneself first and others next; when one says “yours,” one puts others ahead, to each one he is first.

    If human beings would realize the direct connection of their acts with their being, there would be an entirely different life on earth. They don’t realize each act they express remains connected to them energetically and will always come back.

    As in that statement - No thought, no feeling, no action good or ill is ever lost. Soon or late it will come back.

    If only human beings would realize that connection between themselves and their acts, physical, mental acts and thoughts, emotional acts, and feelings.

“All Energy…”

    We start the most beautiful sentence by the name of the Eternal. All is the beginning, and All is the end. Three letters, symbolizing the trinity of the Eternal, lay the foundation, the standard of the Eternal. Thou art All; and in the name of All we start everything we do.

    Energy – again a word of power. E is the letter of the Eternal. A strange letter E, the top reaches down and the bottom reaches up; the Eternal looking at humanity and humanity looking at the Eternal, with mind a little outgrowth between. But, some day they will expand, and form a FourSquare, when man will reach God. That is the greatest symbol of the Eternal, the FourSquare. Mind is represented in the E, by the incomplete cross.


   Intelligence starts with an “I” symbol of the Eternal “I.” “I” stands for unity with the Eternal, and the ending letter E again stands for the Eternal. Through our unity with the Eternal, we become one with the Eternal.

    That “I” united with the Eternal, where all knowledge is placed by and by at our disposal. I say, “Let there be Light,” and the very end gives a feeling of security. I am the One who gives Life Eternal.

“Truth and Love…”

   Truth has a peculiar value today through the number of letters. T is the symbol of God, Theos, and five letters symbolize the FourSquare with the point of a pyramid. That is as much as Humanity is permitted to realize of truth today. Someday the simpler word – Law, will be used. Law is simpler, it has only three letters, three is the number of Divinity, while five is the number of present-day humanity. When we have learned, as humans, the Truth, we will realize that the Truth is the Law, then we will read Truth as Law. You have always heard me say Truth or Law.

    Law and Love, which are on the other side of Life and Mind, on the FourSquare, are one. There can be no Law without Love, for Law must attract not repel. ‘You shall know the Truth, and Law shall set you free.’ Knowledge means union with the thing you know. Knowledge means attraction; Knowledge of Law with the attraction of Love forms the foundation of Harmony.

“And Love…”

    “And Love…”  There we have the word, ‘And.’ The moment you say ‘and’ it shows a continuity, for there is no full stop where there is an ‘and’ used. ‘And’ stands for continuity of Life, it binds together, harmonizes, that is why it is used.

    The continuity between Truth and Love is there expressed. So far, people have thought that Law and Love couldn’t be connected, for those who study the laws, lack the connecting link of ‘and.’ We say I and my friend, I and my wife, and feel the connection. When we say I and my Father, we see the eternal line connecting. It is a powerful word, that is why it is not used for the first part, but only with – and Love.

    That is to show that humanity has not reached Love, at best they are grouped in the three corners of the FourSquare. When they have proved faithful and true in those three corners, then they can go to the fourth. No one can love who is untrue, no one can love who is dishonest; no one can love who is a liar. They may have emotions, but those feelings are a mere mockery of Love, a caricature of love. No true love can lie. A man that lies in that moment, he cannot love.

    Religions and well-wishers, especially, put so much emphasis on Love, think they can reach the Eternal through love. It is possible to love an individual at a distance, but he can only be reached through the other three corners. We can love our fellow beings and should, but we should express our love to our fellow beings, corner of Life; we should be wise in that expression, corner of mind; and we should be sincere, and honest in relation to our fellow beings, corner of Law. Love is constant, is known by loyalty, symbolized by Law.

    A human being cannot be loving if they are not loyal. We have to work out all three corners before we are fit to lay our treasures in the fourth corner of Love. That is why I do not teach Love. We can learn Energy, Wisdom, and Sincerity; can learn them mentally and that is the only way; and the shortest and easiest way after all. It is only the limitation of our human mind, which thinks that it is too hard a road to walk. That is the lie within us that speaks – that lie we call the human subconscious.


    Finally, Love the culmination of everything, the Eternal union with the source of Love. It is the last word, which when reached becomes the first. The last shall be first and the first shall be last, as was said before. When we have reached completeness with Love, then we will love, love most sincerely, love most wisely, and love with all our energy, with the wholeness of our being. Therefore, life will become last when we reach love. The order we have today to follow will be reversed.

    We start our FourSquare with E, for Energy, and we finish with E, the last letter of Love. We are within Eternity, that FourSquare is Eternal.

Written by Eugene Fersen

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