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as held by Eugene Fersen  


This page is dedicated to Humankind from Svetozar Baron Eugene Fersen, for the continued healing of the past, present, and the future of Humanity.


Svetozar used the 'Healing Sphere' to assist individuals when they came to him for healing at 1409 or to one of his free public healings. He taught his students and those who came how to utilize this technique, and about Its Wisdom.

The Healing Sphere 



  • Be clear of your request and intent for healing.

  • When you see the 'Healing Sphere' breathe in the colors for a few moments. When you are ready to place yourself visually and mindfully into the 'Healing Sphere,' see yourself standing in the 'Healing Sphere'.  Feel the presence of The Great Principle and Its 'All' Powerful Laws operating perfectly and harmoniously with you; all around you in the 'Healing Sphere'. 


  • Call upon Universal Life Energy to fill the 'Healing Sphere' and your entire being.

  • Out loud - clearly speak your intent for your healing.

  • After you have spoken your intentions, the statement below should follow: 


 “I have a great TRUST and FAITH in The Great Principle, our loving Father who is also our loving Mother, and the Great Law that optimally guides me. I know that it is my birthright to behold a pure body, mind, and spirit; one that is free from any disease, discomfort or lack of JOY. Thou art inspiring healing for me from the Spiritual Plane; Thou art guiding my healing on the mental plane; Thou art sustaining and protecting me on the physical plane. I am One with Universal Life Energy and the healing Power It posses, to balance and heal me. It is healing me, as it flows through me, now, Harmoniously, Peacefully, and effortlessly. I am one with Its perfection. I am one with my Divinity and the Divine Great Principle that guides It".

  • After you've read the statement, above, stay with your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Allow the energies to fill your body, mind, and spirit. Be with these vibrations for (a minimum of) 4 to 20 minutes, and for as many times a day as needed. 

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