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The Mutable Laws of 
the Relative 

Has it occurred to you, while studying these Teachings, why Eugene Fersen numbered the Four Laws of the Relative as he did? If he numbered them this way, there was an important 'purpose' for this formulated method. It appears if we move from one number to the next, as given, we will come to understand one of the most profound aspects about this numerical format, and how the Mutable Laws of the Relative are rooted in and correlate with the FourSquare Teachings and the Triune aspects of human nature-- the 'planes' which govern, from their own laws, the body, mind, and spirit, on this plane of existence. (These teachings are explained in the Science of Being in 7 Lessons as well as with the Triune System, 27 Lessons in The Science of Being.) 


                                1). LAW OF POLARITY

                                2). LAW OF RHYTHM

                                3). LAW OF GENDER

                                4). LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT

Click on the #-Link above, to access each law.

This sequence is an elegant equation; it is both Scientific and Spiritual. This knowledge will show you, through the awareness and understanding of the Mutable and Relative Laws of the Universe: how your life, your mind, your truth, your love, and your spirit are engaged daily with the Mutable Laws, here on Earth. The knowledge of how these laws operate, which governs relative matter, can lend to you the insights needed, as you live life, to utilize the Mutable Laws, on your behalf.

#1 The Law of Polarity: All life on this plane creates life through pairs and opposites. Therefore, life must be aware of one of 'Life's' important rules regarding the first Mutable Law: everything only appears to be opposite on the Physical and Mental Planes, in the Realm of the Relative. Only energy, balanced or unbalanced, will determine the Spiritual flow of Harmony. All is nourished and imprinted by vibration (third aspect of the Great Law - Immutable Laws). Ultimately, 'Unity is the Law of the Absolute'.

#2 The Law of Rhythm also known as the Law of the Pendulum: This law operates on the Mental and Physical Planes of existence. The law of Rhythm or Pendulum can be a liberator or a captor of one's precious Dynamic Life Energy and human potential. It has the ability, through Mental Force and by way of its 'intention' and 'attention', to hold rhythms and patterns in their energetic sequences, or fixed states of being. It can be a force used for the optimal evolution of all it meets or the alternative. Here is where one’s mental awareness of 'choice' is powerful.

#3 The Law of Gender: "As it is above, so it is below; as it is within, it is also without." The relationship between the two dynamic forces within, the masculine and the feminine, discerns, defines, mirrors, magnetizes, and manifests their inner relationship with all other relationships in their external world. These two aspects are the conductors of creation, here in the realm of the Relative World. (Further Inspiration and Insights on the Science of the Law of Gender.)

#4 The Law of Cause and Effect: The law of Cause and Effect, in its present aspect of a transitory, material law, is not harmful to us if we know how to use it properly, in the NOW. It is the result, the outcome, of how one worked through the theories of the other mutable laws, sited here first-- before the effects became one’s results. That law explains also what is called Reincarnation.

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