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    Everywhere, no matter where we turn, there is the law of Polarity or Duality. It is the law of the Pairs of Opposites. Any opposites, even men and women, come under that law. It is a very important law, which pervades the whole World. It is a law which we think we cannot master, to which we must submit, as it has taken possession not only of the physical but also of the mental plane. In the most ancient religions, the law of Duality or Polarity is manifested and prevalent. There are the Days and Nights of Brahma, the Absolute, - Manavantaras and Pralayas, periods of activities and periods of rest, periods of manifestation and periods of non-manifestation, periods of being and periods of non-being. It is believed to be an immutable Law, a Law of the Absolute, but that is not correct. In one of the sacred books of the Hindus, in the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna, the One Who Knew, when speaking about the Absolute, about Divinity, said that GOD IS ABOVE THE PAIRS OF OPPOSITES; that means, ABOVE THE LAW OF DUALITY OR POLARITY. The law of Duality therefore cannot be a Divine Law if God is above it because God and Divine Laws must be one. UNITY IS THE LAW OF THE ABSOLUTE. Yet religious, philosophical and sometimes scientific teachings are based on the law of Duality. As long as the law of Duality, or Polarity, will be accepted as an immutable law, it will keep this World enslaved. Peace and Harmony will remain but a beautiful dream, because that law means a continual warfare between the two principles, the positive and the negative -- and there is the question, which one of them will win? One will for a time, and under those conditions, Harmony can never be attained. When opposites are coming together they emphasize each other's opposition. It is only like which attracts like, and thus becomes one whole; but there is no possible unity between two opposites.

    It is one of the most subtle and powerful laws on Earth, that law of Polarity or Duality, but it is not an eternal law, despite the assertions of some of the oldest Religions and greatest Philosophies. Humanity is hypnotized by it, and as long as human beings will submit themselves to that law, it will operate and they will always be swinging between life and death, good and evil, peace and war, and so forth. If we analyze that law from the point of view of Science, we find that it is not a true law. We say there is light and there is darkness, yet this is not a correct statement. THERE IS ONLY LIGHT. Darkness is but a suppositional absence of light. There is no such thing as real darkness, because light vibrations penetrate everywhere. We think that light is only what we see. Yet we perceive only the range of rays from red to violet - that is, the six colors of the Spectrum. There are also rays below the Red and beyond the Violet which we do not see, and those invisible rays are the most powerful.

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   Light visible and invisible is everywhere, therefore there cannot be, THERE, IS NO DARKNESS. There are only degrees and different kinds of light. ALL IS LIGHT. Even that seemingly utter darkness and void of the intersellar space is penetrated by vibrations, invisible to the human eye, of the Absolute Light, which is Attraction or Love. The same with good and evil. The is no absolute evil. There are only conditions of relativity, of good. There is the ultimate good, and there is the very first starting point of good, and naturally there is all the scale to develop from the point to the infinite. It is obvious that if the point and the infinite are placed together, the contrast is so great that they appear to be opposites. Yet such a comparison is not right, as there is all the infinite number of links between them, each successive link being a part of that endless chain or circle which has no beginning nor end.


  This scientific fact cannot be ignored. GOOD, taken from the scientific point of view, IS EVERYWHERE, OMNIPRESENT. There are degrees of good, that is all, but no evil. Evil is but a suppositional absence of good, therefore non-existing, as good is all-pervading. The same is found to be true with every other pair of opposites which one begins to analyze. Soon the fact is discovered that it is only the positive which has a real existence. The Earth has two poles. One is called the North and the other the South pole. The South pole is a high mountain, the North pole is a cavity; but we call them North and South poles because we imagine that there is a top and there is a bottom. If we change our position, then really the North pole would be below and the South pole above. One must try to visualize those things also from the point of view of the Absolute and not only from that of the Relative. Scientifically speaking, there is no East or West, as a definite location; it is but a direction, pointed out by the magnetic needle, relative to the point from which one is taking it. When we are in China, the East will be in America, but when we are in Europe, America becomes West to us and China would then be East. These are only human concepts, created and used by us to distinguish the Unlimited with our limited perception; to find, to direct ourselves in the Infinite, which has no direction.

    There is a YES and a NO. How few people know that as soon as we make a positive statement and, "Yes, I am going to do that," immediately from somewhere out of the unknown arises the silent opposition "No." And it works so strongly against us, that we usually then have all kinds of difficulties in performing that which we intended to do. Why does it happen? Because of the law of Polarity. The law of Polarity continually interferes with all our human affairs. That is why we are all the time swinging between good and evil, between hope and fear, between success and failure. There is another law still worse which usually works together with the law of Polarity, and is the so-called law of Rhythm. both are there, ready to stop all human endeavors, to destroy our works, and thus prevent us from progress. A great many people have had experience in that direction, and they have grown wise; they never will say "I am going to do that;" they say "I am going TO TRY," because they have noticed that as soon as they make a positive statement, something seems to be continually interfering with it. Yet nothing of that kind happens if a neutral form of speech is used. What is the reason? Why does the negative seem to be so strong when the positive should be the stronger? When we make an individual statement, a positive one, we simply state the positive from our human point of view; we back it up only by our own limited forces. It is just as circumscribed as we humanly are circumscribed; yet it is not a little part of the negative, but the whole of it, which the law of Polarity causes to rise automatically each time as a negation, in opposition to our positive statement. That is why it is so overwhelming. Just as the whole of the ocean striking a little piece of wood carries it away, so the whole of the negative, in which Humanity believes, and utterly fears, sweeps away and destroys our individual positive statements. 



such a statement covers the whole ground, because NEITHER GOD NOR THE GREAT LAW HAVE OPPOSITES. Satan once attempted to oppose Divinity, but that opposition proved itself a complete failure. The world is not divided between good and evil. The Great Principle is the ONLY ONE, and IT IS ALL. Therefore, when we place the Absolute or the Great Law behind our statements, we can make any statement we want, because there is no possible opposition to those two.

    Another way to neutralize that law of Polarity is continually to refuse to see the negative, always place the weight in the positive scale, to try to see, even in things most unpleasant, something good. Thus we cast the weight in the right scale, in the positive, and the result is, that by and by the law of Polarity will be neutralized, and finally will cease to operate in our lives at all. Then, ONLY the positive will come to us. Usually there is always the negative coming together with the positive because of that very law of Polarity; but when we will have overcome that law, we will realize that there are no opposites any more, no days and nights, but, metaphorically speaking, only an Eternal Day. In the Revelations, the Inspired Writer, when describing the Holy City, which lies foursquare--that is, the Realm of Perfection --says "There is no night there." There is NO NEGATIVE, NO LAW OF POLARITY IN THE ABSOLUTE. THERE ALL IS UNITY.

"Action and re-action is another manifestation of the same law."

    We must not only affirm good, but SEE GOOD, KNOW GOOD; not try to excuse evil, but to explain it. We must, through our own reasoning process, see the real motive behind everything, and then we will always find something positive. There is never a complete absence of good. When we make statements in our daily life, WE MUST BE POSITIVE, but positive with the Great Law behind us to back up our words. We should recognize the law of Polarity only to the extent of endeavoring to overcome it, and we should always know it to be a TEMPORARY MUTABLE LAW above which we must some day rise. When we overcome that law, we rise to a power unknown to us now, because we become One with the Great Law. The best way to get rid of something negative, is first to detect it; second, not to fear it, and finally, to DESTROY IT BY REALIZING ITS NONEXISTENCE IN THE REALM OF ETERNAL HARMONY. Simply to close one's eyes and say there is no such thing as evil is not practical at all, as that very thing will then usually happen, precisely because of the operation of the law of Polarity. If we want to do something, LET US DO IT, AND KNOW THAT THERE IS THE GREAT LAW BEHIND US, WHICH WILL GIVE US AID AND ASSISTANCE IN ALL THAT IS RIGHT.

The physical nature of The Triune Being, operating as ONE harmonic force.

"It is very important for us to study, to analyze that law and to

learn how to master it."

    The law of Polarity was first brought down into Involution by Mind itself; it is its creation, its own child. Later on, however, that law grew so strong that it subdued its own creator, and became one of the most relentless of masters. It has taken possession of the two planes, the physical and the mental; from there it governs the world with a rod of iron; but we can, and with the help of the Great Law, WE WILL, someday, overcome that law of Polarity and be free again.

Teachings on the first of the Mutable Laws, the law of Polarity, from the book Science of Being 7 Lessons,  by Eugene Fersen. For the complete instructions on the Universal Laws, refer to the Science of Being 7 Lessons, book.
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