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THIS LAW IS ALSO CALLED THE LAW OF THE PENDULUM, (see What Is A Pendulum?, bottom of this page.)  because its operations are in a way similar to the swinging of the pendulum. The pendulum goes up one side, down again, up again, and so on. That law operates in our life on two planes, the physical and the mental, in many different ways. To start with, its functioning on the physical, material plane will be explained. This is especially noticeable in waves during a storm on the sea or on any other body of water where waves are brought forth by a storm. 

[If we take a wave as an example] The upward and forward movement of energy carries the wave higher and higher, until it reaches a culminate point. Then comes a moment when, through its own weight, the wave breaks down and falls, seemingly to continue again its forward and upward movement. That is only an appearance, however. In reality, the energy which has raised that wave, after it has reached its highest point, does not proceed at all the way it seems to. The law of Rhythm entirely reverses its movement. After it has reached the culminate point it suddenly turns within and goes all the way down and backward until it reaches the farthest point back, the point where it started its forward movement. And, when it has reached the farthest and lowest point, then it starts to go up again, first under the water as an invisible, propulsory force, then appearing on the surface again as a wave, to reach its climax and then start back again under the water. A certain part of its forward movement is done on the surface as a wave, but all its backward movement, and a part of its forward movement, are done under the water, unseen but still most strongly operating. That is how the waves of the ocean are moving. Every swimmer knows that undercurrent; it is called the undertow, which is so dangerous because it sucks in. But how few realize that it is all due to the operation on the physical plane, of the law of Rhythm.

Ocean Rocks

As on the physical plane, so also does the law of Rhythm operate on the mental plane, because in both instances it is governed by the one immutable Great Law. We, who consciously live on these two planes, are under that law of Rhythm as long as we have not learned how to rise above it.

As are the waves on the ocean, so is Humanity's Evolution. It goes forward and upwards until it reaches the highest point, then begins the decline into its backward movement. It goes down with ever increasing speed until it reaches its lowest and farthest point, from which it starts its climb again.

As we see the energy of the ocean moving partly on the surface of the water as a wave, partly under the water as the undertow, so it is also with Humanity's Evolution. The progress of Humanity begins to be noticeable only when the law of Rhythm becomes apparent in social life, just like the visible waves on the ocean, the beginning of whose ascending movement remains unseen under the water, until it bursts forth as a visible wave. But all the important work was really done, so to say, in the secrecy of the ocean itself. The silent, unseen progress is due to the hidden forward movement.

When the backward movement starts, at first it is almost unnoticeable, but its speed increases all the time until it has reached the lowest point. There again, as in the ocean, the backward movement is not so much seen as felt. On the surface things seem to be still moving forward, but there is the undertow, which sucks in and down all those who are not strong enough to resist that backward and downward movement. The backward movement is so strong as to bring Humanity almost to the same point from which it started, and the little gain still made is due exclusively to the operation of another law called the Law of Evolution, which in some measure counteracts the operation of the law of Rhythm.

If we would express in mathematical figures the advancing movement of the Human Race, and then its receding movement, due to that law, they would read as follows: In the forward movement, Humanity has in its progress advanced, metaphorically speaking, twelve feet, but when the backward movement starts, the law of Rhythm throws Humanity back eleven feet, eleven and three-quarter inches, and the whole progress is thus reduced to one-quarter of an inch. That is the reason why Humanity's Evolution is so very slow. We have lived countless ages and yet we have progressed comparatively very little, all because of that law of Rhythm. If it were not for that law, which keeps it back, Humanity would long ago have solved its problems of Evolution. That law would have kept Humanity for eternity in its clutches, if there were not the Law of Evolution, which states that "ALL VIBRATIONS TEND NATURALLY TO RISE IN UPWARDS IN THE SCALE OF ETERNAL HARMONY." That Law is a ray of Hope, sent by Love to suffering Humanity to uplift it, to counteract to some extent the operation of the law of Rhythm. Because of that Law of Evolution we see all vibrations always striving upwards in spite of the law of Rhythm working continually against it.

It will be explained now how that law of Rhythm works in our daily lives. Most of us have had the experience that there are certain days when everything is successful and other days when anything we start is a failure. It is the upward and downward movement of the law of Rhythm which produces these differences. It must be remembered that as there are big waves on the ocean, there are also smaller waves. Each big wave is made up of smaller ones, and each little wave is governed by the same law and manifests the same kind of movement, forward and backward, as does the big wave, the law of Rhythm working in identically the same way on all waves.

Men [People, today] of business also know that law, sometimes consciously, most of the time unconsciously. There are certain periods in their business when things go well, and periods when tings do not go well. Those periods are sometimes long, sometimes short, just like waves on the ocean, and repeat themselves. In History certain facts also continually repeat themselves and we then say: "History repeats itself." It is the law of Rhythm which is the underlying cause of those forward and backward movements. People who have been successful in their life are those who have mastered that law; that is, they acted like good swimmers on a stormy sea. When the law started to draw them back, they did not lose courage or begin to fear; on the contrary, again like good swimmers, they courageously did their best not only

Swimming Surfer

Ride the energy of the wave, of the law of Rhythm, from both angels of the wave, and you will ride the wave of success in

all your endeavors to create.

to remain afloat on the top of the wave, but swim so vigorously as to advance even in spite of the opposing current, until by and by, at each attempt, they won some point. The result was that finally those waves, instead of drawing them backward, really began to carry them onwards. Sometimes it may be a slower, other times a quicker, movement, but it will always be a forward movement. There is no longer any backward movement possible. Under those conditions, when it happens on the water of the sea, we say the storm is over. When it happens in our life, we say we have mastered unsuccess - we are successful. If one analyzes the lives of most successful people, no matter to what department of life they may belong, be it Religion, Science, Business, Statesmanship, Arts or Politics, one will find that any man or woman who has ever been successful has had the same experience. In the beginning, great hardship, handicaps and failures, yet they persevered failing maybe hundreds of times, but advancing still, full of energy, and still hoping that some day they would meet with success. One day they did meet with success, and that day they neutralized that law to the extent that we humanly can in our present state of consciousness. Even then that law can bring them a little down but still it always remains a forward movement.

Now there is the question, how to neutralize that law and take advantage of its forward and upward movements. The first thing to do when we see that the law of Rhythm is carrying us backwards is not to fear, not to be discouraged, and to try to swim as vigorously as we can against the opposing current. Even if, in spite of our efforts, we are carried far back and deep down, after all it does not matter how much backwards we are carried by the law; the important point which we must always keep in mind is that some day, because it is the law of Rhythm, it must start again its forward and ascending movement. Being a law, it must be true to itself. Therefore, even at its worst, there is always a hope for us that we will leave the bottom some day, if we will persevere, and if we do not let ourselves be discouraged and remain on the bottom like a stone which cannot be carried forward by the ascending movement of the law. That is why we say that "a man may be down but not out." When the bottom is reached, then the ascending movement starts, and finally the highest point is reached. Wise people know that then is the time to be careful. We can master the law, yet we must watch it till we have really overcome it. That does not mean to fear the law, but to be cautions, and when we see the backward movement starting again, to polarize ourselves on the positive and simply refuse to be carried back, like a good swimmer fighting the undertow.

When the law of Rhythm begins its backward movement, we must persevere in what we already have on hand, because it is our duty to hold on to that; but we must never start anything new once the backward movement has set in. It usually turns out to be a failure. Naturally, if one can stand through the backward movement till it has reached its very lowest point, then someday one may become successful; but why waste all that energy in order to fight the backward movement, when it is much easier and more rational to wait for the ascending movement of the law. Success will come then by simply waiting for the positive operation of the law. Thus we will have saved all the energy which otherwise would have been wasted in fighting, and then we can use it to better advantage in combining it with the forward movement of the law of Rhythm.


In our lives we all have periods of success and periods of unsuccess, due to the operation of that law. Therefore, whenever we see that we are on the way to success, we must DO ALL WE CAN during that time in order to take in every direction every possible advantage of the positive side of the law of Rhythm. That law is an automatic, unconscious law, but WE ARE CONCSIOUS. We can, therefore, outwit the law, and we have for that the divine authority and help, because it is a transitory law which we must some day overcome. Like the law of Polarity, it originated when our involution into material consciousness started, and it will disappear when we will have evolved out of that state of consciousness. Take, for instance, that story in the Bible, the dream of Pharaoh about the seven fat cows and the seven lean cows which ate up the seven fat cows and still remained lean. It was the law of Rhythm which the

Pharaoh perceived in a dream and which Joseph was able to interpret correctly. Joseph was wise. He knew the operation of the law of Rhythm and how to overcome it and so he said: "During the seven prosperous years gather and bring together all you can." That  is, use the upward movement of the law of Rhythm to the very limit in every direction; and then when you will have received all which can be obtained during those seven prosperous years, when the years of famine, or the backward movement, will start, you will have everything ready to meet that backward movement, and being prepared, you will thus overcome the law. We should and can do just the same and follow the example of the Pharaoh. When the forward movement of the law of Rhythm starts, let us use its power in every possible direction. No matter what we will endeavor to do during that time, it is bound to be a success, but when the backward movement starts again, then we must be carful, watch, and refuse to be carried away by that movement. The more we act that way, the more and more do we neutralize that law, and by and by we will notice that those backward movements will become weaker and weaker till they will disappear entirely, leaving only the forward movements. When we have reached that condition, the storm on the sea of our lives will come to an end and we can say we have mastered that law of Rhythm; the negative operation of it will cease, leaving only the positive force, which then will help us all the time. The following design shows how the law of Rhythm operates when consciously mastered.

Direction Arrows.png

It is very necessary for us to know those laws and their operation because we are seemingly so helpless when confronted with them. People become so frightened by their manifestations that they grow superstitious. Somebody says: "How well you look," or, " How successful you are in your business?" Immediately most people would tap wood. Why? To counteract so called negative influences. The superstition that we must tap wood was really brought on because people noticed that whenever a compliment about their good health or success was made, soon some misfortune happened to the one who was complimented. Back of all that trouble are those two transitory laws, the law of Polarity and the law of Rhythm. Many superstitions were brought froth to meet those laws, but in reality they were never able to do so. It is only our mental attitude, the knowledge of the operation of the laws, and faith in our God-given power to overcome them, which enable us to master those laws.

Teachings on the second of the Mutable Laws, the law of Rhythm, from the book Science of Being 7 Lessons,  by Eugene Fersen. For the complete instructions on the Universal Laws, refer to the Science of Being 7 Lessons, book.
What is a Pendulum
businessman pushing the pendulum.jpg

What Is A Pendulum?

  • A person. A place. A thing-- Institutions, societies, businesses, organizations, establishments, religions, co-ops, clubs, schools, social-trends, political affiliations, systems, etc. Anything that is considered a fixture that requires an outside source of energy to thrive, are examples of Pendulums.


  • A Pendulum funds its energy, potential, and force from the Dynamic Life Energy, or Life Energy from other sources. In so doing, it creates more potential and momentum for the Pendulum; it leaves those attached energetically to the Pendulum, with less of their own precious Life Energy, from which to draw.


  • A Pendulum's intention is to utilize its own potential to move Dynamic Life Energy from outside itself, in an intended direction, for the Pendulum's benefit. It uses destabilization and polarization of unbalanced Dynamic Life Energy to push and power its sway.


  • A Pendulum is first formed individually, creating dependency between an individual and itself. It can grow to great co-collective states of force. To break that current of dependency, take your mental attention away from the Pendulum, and place it in a neutral state of consciousness. Practice neutralizing any attachments to Pendulums you recognize in your life.


  • A Pendulum feeds off Dynamic Life Energy by snaring one emotionally, on the physical and mental planes. Maintaining balance on all plane of existence: body, mind, and spirit, is the way to diffuse and rise above the Pendulum's law.


  • Mental Thought Energy is potential matter; all it needs is 'Imagination' and 'Inspiration' to complete its relative task. Matter contains both Life and Energy. Pendulums depend on Mind Force and Physical Force for their existence. Through intention, attention, direction, and Dynamic Life Energy, a Pendulum, depending on the amount of oscillating force of creation it has spun into the Field of All Potential Creation, has the potential to become a fixture.


  • If there is enough of an individual and/or a co-collective force pushing a Pendulum, and an undertow pulling it, a Pendulum can grow to become a structure that reaches a stage where the Pendulum can impose its laws and states of being onto those who are snared by the Pendulum's energetic trap.


  • Depending on the individual and/or collective force applied by and to a Pendulum, a Pendulum can leave those that have been pulled down by its undertow, not lifted by it, reliant upon it for some kind of energetic reward of its own. Alternatively, it can have little to no effect on the Dynamic Life Energy sources around it.  


  • A Pendulum can be liberator or a captor of one's precious Dynamic Life Energy and Human Potential. It can also be a force used for the optimal evolution of all it meets. Here is where one’s awareness of one's choice is powerful.


  • Your Mental strength and your free physical will to chose, is your POWER over the mutable law of Rhythm.

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