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The law of Gender expresses itself most forcibly throughout the whole round of Creation in the so-called opposite sexes, the male, and the female. It is manifested not only though human beings, but also through animals, plants, minerals, electrons, electrical and magnetic currents, etc. Not only on the physical plane does that law of Gender function; it is also manifested in the mind of each human being, be it man or woman. They have the two genders expressed also in their mental selves. The mind of each individual has a Self-consciousness which belongs to the male gender, and a Sub-consciousness which belongs to the female gender. These two are definitively expressing two sides of our individual minds. The most important part of the process of thought operation is based on the law of Gender in the human mind, details about it can be found in the sixth lesson of the Science of Being 7 Lessons, book, which deals with Mind Force. There is also a third component part in our mental selves, called the Super-consciousness, which can be found in the seventh lesson, in the Science of Being 7 Lessons.

The law of Gender will be explained in its operation through the fundamental characteristics of what we call, in our present state of consciousness, the two opposite sexes. We have now in Humanity, on one side Man, and on the other side Woman, and these two are like two halves of a sphere, which, when they come together, combine to form a whole sphere. The generally accepted belief of today is that they unite for the purpose of procreation, to continue the human species on this Earth. No matter how important procreation may appear, a still greater and higher purpose is there for them to achieve. That ultimate purpose is that by learning their lessons through association, and by mutually developing their latent complementary qualities, they may work out completeness within each, after which they are automatically separated. Yet after their separation they are no longer the same as they were before. A great change has taken place within them. Before their meeting, they appeared as halves, but after the object of their association has been attained, they separate because each one of them has become a COMPLETE SPHERE. In Man, who is the outward expression of the male qualities, which are energy, self reliance, intellect, etc., are also latent and ready for expression of all the female qualities. On the other hand, love, patience, intuition, gentleness, etc., latent in men, whenever expressed as dominant qualities, manifest themselves in what we call Woman. Yet women also have, latent with them, all male qualities. This is so, not only in character of the individuals, but also in the physical bodies. For instance, the embryo of a child, until about the fifth month of gestation, has the two sexes within itself physically expressed. Yet afterwards it develops one sex or the other, and thus determines the sex to which it is born, boy or girl. Yet within the body of human beings are still discernible traces of the opposite sex. As it is with our physical bodies, so it is with our characters, and from each individual can be drawn out and developed the latent complementary parts of their characters. The main purpose of marriage and in general the association of men and women is therefore to work out that development, to make them complete individual spheres, the image and likeness of the Infinite Sphere, called the Great Principle, the Absolute. In the first chapter of Genesis we read, "And God created Man in His image and likeness: male and female created He them." Only a being possessing both qualities referred to can be the perfect image and likeness of the Perfect One. That is the goal toward which each step in Humanity's Evolution is bringing us daily nearer and nearer.


The following diagrams show three pairs of halves, each half representing a man and a woman placed in a certain juxtaposition one to another and forming three distinct groups. The whole of human relations can be classed under those three main headings. Yet each case is an individual one, and there are no two alike. The first pair shows the two halves, man, and woman, directly facing each other, thus establishing between them as many connecting lines of Attraction, or Love, as their open surfaces allow. When in that relation, there is an irresistible drawing from one to another which unites them into a complete sphere. It may happen sometimes instantaneously, when two individuals’ chance to be in that relation one to another. It is then called "love at first sight." When the two seemingly become one, everything seems to be in common between them - common interests, a common axis about which their lives rotate. When individuals are in that condition, they feel such an overwhelming sense of completeness and harmony that they call it perfect bliss, and because of it would never like to part even for a moment. The slightest separation causes them intense suffering, due to the lack of the complementary part. It is like an open wound when they are put apart, and they are only happy when they are again together. They expect to remain that condition not only throughout this life but even throughout Eternity. When two individuals are in that relation to one another they are harmless, but also useless, to the rest of the world. They cannot help it. All their interests are centered within themselves. Most of their energies are used to keep those two halves together, the man to meet the demands of the woman, the woman to meet the demands of the man. They live in a world of their own and are happy. The world around them does not exist for them. Naturally, in such a case, they cannot express anything outside of themselves, and therefore one of the fundamental Laws of the Universe, the Law of Attraction, cannot operate outside of them as it should, for the Law of Attraction must be operating outside as well as inside in order to keep everything in perfect equilibrium and harmony. If the whole Universe would be filled with compound spheres of the above kind, nothing would be flowing from one sphere to another, each being centered in itself; and the Universe deprived of the cohesive power of Attraction, would fall to pieces. But the Great Law takes good care that such a condition shall be only transitory, and nothing but a stepping stone to work out higher problems.  When the two halves, man, and woman, combine into a sphere, those halves apparently fit each other completely, but that is not the case. There is always some little space between them where they are not completely adjusted. Compared with the great harmonization of the other qualities, that little maladjustment  is almost unnoticed by

them; yet in that little space where they seemingly do not accord, and which forms a sort of a vacuum, the latent complementary parts of each are growing in, because Nature does not permit a vacuum. The manifested male qualities of the man draw out of the woman her latent male qualities, because the law says that, "like attracts like." Thus, the manifested female qualities of the woman, in their turn, draw out of the man his latent female qualities. In this way, two incipient halves are gradually growing out in the open space between the two. The more they grow, the more independent of each other the two individuals become. This process of development is unfolding so gradually that neither of them notices the change in their relations one to another until they have become two complete spheres rotating around their re-


spective axis, independent and free, yet still most intimately related one to another. Then only do they realize that some fundamental change has taken place within them, and their opened eyes perceive with amazement that they have grown into a new and higher condition. Their association has achieved its purpose; the law has been fulfilled. Two complete beings have been evolved from a half-developed condition and brought to the Universe TO COOPERATE CONSCIOUSLY IN THE GREAT ETERNAL SCHEME.

A question may arise, Is all that love, that tender relation between them, gone once and forever? No! By no means. On the contrary, never before did they feel a greater sense of love, a more intense feeling of completeness and harmony, than since they became complete individual spheres. When they were halves, they could express one to another only the love of a half, but the moment they became complete spheres they expressed complete love to each other in all its infinite manifestations. Being complete spheres, and rotating around their own individual axes, they continually see one another in all their different aspects. It is like incessantly discovering in each other some new and precious qualities. Naturally, under those conditions, their love becomes infinitely greater and more perfect than it had ever been before. On account of their completeness, they must also radiate love to everyone and everything about them in every direction, thus fulfilling the Law of Love, of Universal Brotherhood. Then they become useful members of the Great Human Family because they love everybody, only they will love their mate more because their relations are at the time the closest, one to another. That is why they are called mates, or affinities, or twin souls. However, their mutual love by no means excludes love to other beings. Through incarnation after incarnation, we have all been working out that problem of ours, by gradually developing our inner qualities. Usually, when two individuals are in that position facing each other, as described above, it is due to previous incarnations which prepared them for that relation. That is why, when they meet, they cannot help but love each other. When two such individuals have worked out their completeness, and reached a state of individual sphere, they do not think any more of their own happiness. All their life, all their thought, all their love, is for their mate's or their friend's happiness. They are never expecting anything in return, but, being complete spheres, it is inevitable that they should receive in return as much as they give. It is the highest love we can imagine now in our present state of consciousness because it is a love which loves, not for what it can get, but for what it can give. It is the nearest to the Love of Divinity, for Divinity also gives first, then receives. God first loved us; that is why we, in our turn, are to love God. Even bodily separation or death cannot break such ties once they are established.


Diagram number two shows another group, much less harmonious, but much more common. There the man loves the woman, who does not reciprocate his love because her affections are fixed upon another man, who, in his turn, is indifferent to her. Under these circumstances it is much more difficult to work out the completion because there is no help whatsoever from the side of the corresponding party. Still, the problem of completion is solved, but in a different way. First the man, not having the woman's manifested qualities directed toward him to awaken within him the latent qualities of love and gentleness, has to draw out of himself, through his own efforts, stimulated by

his love, the complementary female qualities. Love does it. More and more, because of the woman he loves, all the latent female qualities, as love, patience, gentleness, intuition, etc., are brought out of that man by his love. It is a slow and painful process, because he has to do it alone, without the help of the woman he loves. Yet he does it because he loves. When he has worked out his completion, his whole attitude toward that woman changes. In the beginning it was selfish; but the more he loves, the less selfish he becomes. At first, he suffered because his love was not answered, and was jealous of the other man to whom that woman was giving her love. The completeness once attained, all these negative feelings disappear entirely, because he has found harmony within himself. Then he no longer thinks of his own happiness; he finds his happiness in the happiness of the woman he loves. No sacrifice is too great for him, for he is a changed being. 

There is the woman, in love with another man, who is indifferent to her. She has also to work out the problem of her completion without the help and assistance of the man she loves. Through love again that problem is solved. Her own love makes her more self-reliant and energetic, compels her to make greater use of her reasoning qualities, etc. Thus, through much hard work, sorrow, and trouble, she eventually becomes a complete sphere. Then her whole attitude changes. She begins to feel toward the unresponsive object of her love, a mother's affection, caring for him without ever expecting to get anything in return, entirely forgetting her own self for his sake. She also is then ready for any sacrifice because she has worked out her completion.

When the two, the first man and woman, have become complete spheres, their mutual relationship is then also modified.  To their surprise they discover that bonds of love exist from both sides. They become friends, and the woman who spurned, perhaps for many years, the love which the man lavished upon her in such measure, begins in her turn to love him also. Why that sudden change? Because, as a complete sphere, she cannot help but love everybody; and that first man, perhaps her husband, being so close to her, naturally must get the radiations of love emanating from her in every direction.


The third group represents two individuals, a man and a woman, who are married, yet turn their backs upon each other. Worldly considerations were probably the cause of their loveless marriage; or maybe it was a match arranged by their parents, who did not consult the personal feelings of the two chiefly concerned. Such a marriage must be an unhappy one, and an utter failure in regard to the problem of working out their own individual completeness. It is one of the most inharmonious of human relations, because it is unnatural, the Law of Attraction, the Basic Law of the Universe, not finding expression in their mutual relations. They are of no use one to 

another, as they are turning their backs to each other. Yes, as the problem of completion must be worked out also in that case, they are seeking an affinity, a love, outside of their matrimonial ties. When they have found somebody to love they separate, because they realize that otherwise happiness would remain for them a mere dream. Because of worldly considerations, it may take them many years before they make that final decision, yet it is inevitable. Soon or late, it must come, and the sooner the better.

That last group teaches human beings a great lesson, that marriage is there to build the character, to develop Love to its highest manifestation, and not to attain material ease and comfort.

The problem of Completion is continually worked out in life through association of individuals one with another. Women constantly contribute to men some of their qualities, and men do the same toward women. That is why co-education has so many strong points in its favor. Even the association of individuals of the same sex has also its own beneficial results. Especially large educational, and social bodies play a very important role in that respect. There, individuals belonging to different classes in social life come together, each one contributing some characteristic, some quality, to their fellow beings. Angles are rounded off, rough surfaces made smooth, and individuals are promoted a few degrees further toward completion.

COMPLETION IS PERFECTION, and as such is a very wonderful thing to seek and to strive for. We must also realize that a problem of that magnitude cannot be worked out by individuals in the span of one life. Many returns to Earth, many reincarnations are needed for each one of us before we become perfect beings, the image and likeness of that Supreme Being, the Source of all Perfection, whom we call God.

Teachings on the third of the Mutable Laws, the law of Gender, from the book Science of Being 7 Lessons,  by Eugene Fersen. For the complete instructions on the Universal Laws, refer to the Science of Being 7 Lessons, book.

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Further Insights & Wisdom

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"As it is above, so it is below; as it is within, it is also without." The relationship between the two dynamic forces within, the masculine and the feminine, discerns, defines, mirrors, magnetizes, and manifests their inner relationship with all other relationships in their external world. These two aspects are the conductors of creation, here in the realm of the Relative World.

When the relationship from within is operating equally and optimally, one will be in an Eternal alignment with one’s own Soul. There will be no external or internal conflict that cannot be balanced from their devotion to understanding this state of harmony and power from living as one from within. When in this alignment, their dynamic equality is a totality that is unsurpassed when it is woven into the Eternal design of creation.

The feminine and masculine are two individualized components of the whole, complete, and Eternal nature of the Great Principle. Devotion to the unified marriage, from within, is to be devoted to aligning oneself with the Absolute Great Principle. When Love's EQUALITY exists between one's masculine and feminine nature from within, peace and unity will reign in one’s external World. 


Laura Taylor Jensen AHLB for the Lightbearers World Center: Inspirations on the Science of the Law of Gender, 2008.

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