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The Lightbearers World Center's New Year's Message, 2023

Dear Lightbearers of the World,

Happy New Year 2023! A frequency ‘7’ year— associated with Reflection, Creation, Ease, Beauty, Purpose, Liberation, and the Being in relation to spirit/vibration and form.

The reflective aspect of this coming year will shine a spotlight down upon this world, giving its inhabitant’s time to survey one's contributions to its evolutionary process. A number ‘7’ year offers Humanity a ‘catch your breath’ moment. This state of being allows one to slow down on the physical and mental planes, offering one the opportunity to read and review the fields of spirit/vibration with a deeper attunement and presence; thus, offering new perspectives, possibilities, and results.

The path toward the self spiritualized liberated being is a personal journey taken by each Soul in this realm, and each to the other serving as allies in the process. Humankind’s refinement in the ‘Art of the Liberated Soul’ has paid with deep generational costs... When the infinite nature of Soul, and its myriad ways of expressing itself through spirit/vibration and form, are fully realized, Humanity will have enlivened the beauty of Spirit in this world.

"We physically and emotionally appreciate beauty, but mind cannot appreciate beauty. Mind has to learn to be Spiritualized first." Eugene Fersen

Practicing the EXERCISES found in the Science of Being Lessons, will be of great support to one’s overall balance-- body, mind, and spirit, in the coming New Year. Mind benefits greatly from the practice of the SPIRITUALIZATION EXERCISE.

This 2023 New Year, focus on the dream that keeps you coming back to the center of your Being. Soul knows its purpose with regard to its own evolution. Liberation is the heartbeat of the Lightbearer. It keeps rhythm with the Light of Truth, on this plane of existence, for the freedom of the self governance of the sovereign, ever-unfolding Eternal Soul.

Enjoy the ease and grace this '7' year offers.

In Light and Love,

The Lightbearers World Center

In Loving memory of Diana M. LB.

©2023 New Year’s Message. LTJ-AHLB for the LBWC. The World Weavers-Vector Artist, unknown.


Donica Mishler
Donica Mishler
Jan 01, 2023

In Loving memory Diana M. LB. - and feeling her freedom - I so appreciate her impact on so many lives.

Thank you for amazing 2023 letter..

Laura Taylor Jensen
Laura Taylor Jensen
Jan 02, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, Donica, for your kind words. She is free and undoubtedly enjoying the Eternal realm. She touched so many lives.

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