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Happy 2021 & The Lightbearers World Center's 100th Anniversary!

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Dear Lightbearers Community,

Happy New Year 2021! This year marks the Lightbearers World Center Organization’s Centennial Anniversary.

We hope that our Lightbearers Community has been safe and well this past year, and our prayers go out to those who have been deeply affected by the pandemic. We continue to keep you in the Healing Sphere of All Protection, in our thoughts, and in our meditations, as we navigate these fast evolving and unfolding times together.

We are filled with deep gratitude, looking back on the past 100 years and beyond, for the sustainable shoulders upon which we stand. A deep bow and an eternal tribute to both Eugene Fersen and the profound teachings he Supremely penned for Humanity, in the Science of Being. Eugene Fersen was a Keeper and a Teacher of the Divine Laws of Nature, and about the wisdom of their 'unique relationship' with the Universe. He deeply understood the 'divine exchange' shared between all living things and Universal Life Energy, and how the Universal Laws govern that synergy. He nobly taught one to develop a 'fundamental relationship' between the Absolute Principle and oneself, as one lived life.

2020 was a challenging year for most of Humanity, on all planes of existence-- body, mind, and spirit. If we look to the Principled Laws, we will find the tools that Truth offers. These channels serve us as we blaze new trails of thought to optimally advance ourselves and our existence, as we embrace and manage what is set before us.

The Great Law is our best defense when the Mutable Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm try to take hold of the reins of our life. Life’s inevitable action, Evolution, has its immutable nature of evoking the necessary change to free our consciousness when it feels bound by fear or becomes stagnant in growth. Evolution has vast variables of ‘time’ associated with it; two things are constants--choice (free will) and change. Evolution lends us an opportunity to move beyond our previous states of awareness, into something deeper and more consciously connected with that which was previously not attainable or understood. The Law of Evolution is here to serve us. It never ceases to work in our favor if we understand its algorithm and utilize it. This Absolute Law of the Eternal enlightens us on how the natural flow of life progresses, and how the persistence of Soul optimally operates in all matters of life. A Being that is 'squared', one with their Soul, on all three planes of existence Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually, is living one’s Triune Divinity; this is the goal of the Soul, on the Relative Plane of existence. As we evolve, we come to understand, that the totality of one’s unfolding happens over many lifetimes.

The Lightbearers World Center has been devoted, this past year, to completing and organizing some wonderful projects for our community:

  • Visit our newly designed Study Library! All the original archival Exercises written in the Science of Being, 27 Lessons, in addition too all of Eugene Fersen’s teachings on the Universal Laws, Universal Life Energy, Lightbearer Children, and the path of the FourSquare—The Quest for Soul can be found there. (Note: refresh your browser (F5) when entering the site; we load new information often.) Enjoy the journey through our redeveloped website-- designed for the awakening era of our time. The Seventh Cycle will be GLORIOUS, if we choose the wisdom of its Humanity.

  • The Lightbearers World Center has released our third edition of the Science of Being in 27 Individual Lessons, this time with Eugene Fersen’s original title: The Triune System, 27 Original Individual Lessons, Science of Being. This book consists of the original Science of Being 27 Lessons, first published individually in 1927, as a correspondence course, and then as a hardbound collection in 1976 titled: The Fundamental Principles of the Science of Being. With deep heartfelt gratitude, we would like to introduce our first ever translated edition of the Science of Being in 27 Lessons, by Helmar Rudolph, who did a stellar creation of these teachings in the German language. To order your copy contact Helmar directly.

  • For those who use the online platform Facebook, join our private Lightbearers World Center's Science of Being Study Group. Come study specific topics found in the Science of Being, ask questions, get answers, share insights, connect with the Lightbearers World Center’s staff, and other Lightbearers from around the World. Link to sign in.

Looking toward the next 100 years through the lens of the Great Law, one can see that the Universal Field is overflowing with untapped Inspiration, Knowledge, and Potential. 2021 is a year to dream, plan, and prepareif squarely interpreted and performed2022 will birth many new and sustainable creations, as a result.

So, what will 2021 and a number 5 vibrational year hold for us?

The number 5 represents the middle point of a natural digit number cycle. It represents the Bridge Builders, the Architects, the Engineers, and the Mediators, all balanced to scale. It is community in action. It is a cumulative point of power; the center point between innocence and maturity. This numerical frequency offers us insight, awareness, perspective, solutions, tenacity, growth, integrity, and unification.

This number 5 vibration offers one support for the proper development of one’s character. It gives us the time to pause, at the halfway point, to consciously re-evaluate all that we have chosen in our evolutionary process thus far, and make the required adjustments, in the NOW. What part of our non 'Real Self' can one shed to make way for even more of one’s authentic Light to be lived? How do we take what we have learned and apply it in the next years, when building up our Being, to create dreams that truly support the optimal evolution of all living things on this planet of which we are all a part?

The Science of Being Wisdom has been passed down, to serve Humankind, through the lineage of many generations. There is a 'golden thread' that is woven into its blueprint. If one decides to grab hold of one's eternal birthright, through the knowledge these teachings provide, and weave with its far-reaching potential, one will create a deeply enduring Life--fully actualized, proficiently materialized, and uniquely lived, according to one’s own Soul.

May we together, dream in a beautiful, healthy, loving, and sustainable future from the ever-present here and NOW!

In Light and Love,

The Lightbearers World Center and the Lightbearers Centers from around the World.

©Lightbearers World Center for the Teachings in The Science of Being ~2021 New Year’s Message. LTJ~AHLB.


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