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The Lightbearers World Center's New Year's Message, 2022

Dear Lightbearers,

Happy New Year, 2022!

2021, for those who walk the Lightbearers’ path, was a year of opening the heart to align with life affirming solutions and implicating resolutions for self, as well as for the world. For those who are of this world, it was one where most indulged in narratives and belief systems that fed fear’s egoic nature with suppressed, devolved, and illusional states of consciousness-- their creative sphere became a battleground. This past year offered Humanity the opportunity to explore possibilities while broadening its understanding and quickening its wisdom around what will be essential for the healing and conservation of this planet and its inhabitants. If you were one who flowed with Evolution’s cardinal order, instead of opting to regress and suppress it, you came out of 2021 and into 2022 with indispensable tools in your toolbox—tools that will, by and by, win living spirit the Eternal prize.

These new tools will help you to tap into the endless opportunities that are readily available, to create a world that is a loving and preserved space for all. 2022 will be a year devoted to the advancements in-- Sciences, understanding of the deeper mysteries of spirit, and navigating a purposeful and optimal map for the further evolution of our species. A reunified perception within the collective will be reflectively in the forefront of the Universal Mirror, this year. This view will help humankind to naturally gravitate together to cultivate urgently needed sustainable change; it will also highlight the art of staying grounded in Spiritual reality.

2022 brings with it the harmonies of the Spirit of the heart and Love in all its cadences. "Spirit, in general, is the anatomy of imprintable energy." Through our Being, the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of Mind, and the Spirit of Truth manifest as the creative force of the Spirit of Love-- the attracting force of manifesting power in the Universe, as described in the Science of Being (7 Lessons), on the FourSquare - The Law of Spirit. Our history, individually as well as collaboratively, learned or denied, as well as the numerical frequencies each year presents us, affects our living reality in the present here and now-- If it is alive in the past, it is affecting the now; if it is alive in the now, it will inescapably influence the future. To Build, to a Lightbearer, means to manifest rightly in the now.

“Love is not the seed; it is the ground in which the seed is planted.”

As one lives life, most seek to behold the mysteries of Love and its bountiful gifts of genuine sincerity. One cannot expect to articulate or reap Love’s ultimate aspects without having to full-heartedly pass through the other three corners of the FourSquare. In this realm, to reach and attain the corner of the True essence of Love, there is no shortcut on the path. Each aspect of the first three corners of the FourSquare--Life, Mind, and Truth--must be fundamentally understood, embodied, and emboldened. Eugene Fersen's 1946 archived lecture, on the Wisdom of Love.

The life bearing posture of the number 6 reveals the promise this new year holds. In the story of Genesis referring to Creation, on the 6th day, the Great Spirit, God gave birth to Humankind in Its Triune likeness. This numerical frequency will guide us to examine the spiritual journey of our own Soul, leaving behind the spiritual bondage of the singular earthly life and self. It signifies the unification of Soul and living spirit -- Heaven and Earth -- lending us the opportunity to experience these worlds as one from within. When these two aspects are in an eclipsed state, we remember more of who we truly are as unique beings, as well as a collected family of Souls. 6 represents: Re-birth, responsibility for the Love and nurturing of all life on this planet, empathy, compassion, vision, beauty, the other, and selfless Love. It beholds the nurturing and healing of the balance of symmetry and the stability of Law and Justice.

“The future does not build itself. We are now building it. This demands a sense of reality, of common sense.” Eugene Fersen, Dec 1933

“Evolution--Spirit's imprintable possibilities being realized through signature waves of inevitable action; it is the materialized path of the Spirit of Soul in this world.” The more we take our Higher Self under advisement-- the Spirit of our Soul-- the more we become creators of Life-affirming realities. Love, as a substance, has to be manifested through creation in this world. Love’s magnetic principle, being that of the Spirit of attraction, asks us to choose and create wisely in 2022. Also, the power of the word, and transmutation will be notably potent.

Allow the nurturing gifts this number 6 year holds, to shine its benevolence down upon you, then turn that beauty towards the world. The effects will be a world that is fortuitously long-lived and full of Love’s bounty for All.

In Light and Love, may you and yours have a safe and joyous 2022 New Year.

The Lightbearers World Center

© 2022 New Years Message – LTJ-AHLB


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