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Lightbearers World Center's New Year's Message 2024.

Dear Lightbearers of the World,

Happy New Year, 2024! 

This numerical 8-year will bring about powerful transformations for our World, and the life that inhabits it. Eight’s vibration relates to Harmony, Stability—the Axis, Balance–the Atlas, Manifestation, and Awareness of the flow of big ‘E’ energy and its effects. This symbol has its place in the understanding of the nature of our evolution on the material plane.

The ordinal 8 personifies many things... The most important aspect to be aware of this 2024 year is the ‘quality’ of the stream of spirit, of vibration, that one brings to the collective field of influence. Eight emblematizes the energetic exchange between two planes bound by a center-point-of-power. This center-point is an axis binding two worlds that are directly interlinked, both influencing the other by that which each creates. When positioned horizontally, and observed in its symbolically infinite posture, one can see its fundamental principles belonging to the Eternal. When this form is unbound at its axis point, it has liberated any possibilities of a dualistic state of existence, it becomes a liberated free flowing one universe. The meaning of the word Universe ‘Uni’ meaning ‘One’ and ‘Verse’ meaning poetry, song, or chant. 

“Our individual mind is a part of Universal Mind, the same as our Higher Self is a part of Universal Intelligence. The sooner we realize these things, the better off we will be personally and collectively.”   Eugene Fersen

The Lightbearers World Center would like to share our latest contribution to spreading the education of the Science of Being through beauty, art, and a message of Love from us to you.

The Universal Symbolagrams is an educational six-piece iconology art collection, masterfully designed and created by the Director of the Lightbearers World Center Laura Taylor AHLB. This collection artfully articulates the mechanics of The Great Law. The Universal Symbolagrams tour began in Ojai California; it was a fabulous event. The Lightbearers World Center will be posting future public art show dates to our website, more photos of this collection, and information about The Universal Symbolagrams

May this New Year 2024 find you and yours blessed, safe, and ever evolving freely surrounded by the Flame of Love. 

Light and Love,

The Lightbearers World Center

LBWC New Year’s Message 2024-LT-AHLB-20

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